Apologies if anything below has already been reported or mentioned. I haven't had time to read through everyone's feedback yet,. Here are some suggestions based on my experience with the beta so far.

• When a user is banned, show them that they are banned when they click Post a New Thread, rather than allowing them to enter that screen, type out their entire message, click Publish, and then find out that they are banned.

• When in the user sanctions menu viewing a users previous sanctions, I cannot select any sanctions in Chrome to delete them.

• Sanctions time frames should be adjusted: Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, Lifetime. With Lifetime, perhaps also gray out the Time Frame text field?

• Fix Section names: “Windows7” and “Windows8” to their proper names.

• Moderate Alerts panel - reserving threads feature seems incomplete. Would also like the option to view the thread before reserving it like we have now.

• The minimize/collapse button collapses that section, and also hides every section below it. I was caught a little off guard here, as I was not expecting that behavior and was rather confused by it. This should only collapse the section for which the button is located in. Perhaps give users the option to set this option permanently for any section they wish?

• When viewing a section of the forum, allow multiple thread types to be selected via checkboxes (allow users to set defaults for these view settings). For instance, if I want to view Unanswered and Solved threads, but not Deleted (I know, only applies to Mods, but it would be nice to have more granular controller over filters), Read, or Tracked threads, allow the option to either click the tab to view only that thread type, or a checkbox inside the tab to include that type, as well as other types. In case anyone was wondering, I had Excel open when I wrote this one, and I had a bunch of filters active. I felt momentarily inspired by a spreadsheet program ;)

• Allow Mods to search for a specific forum user on the main forum page instead of having to enter any forum section to run a search. We have this now and I never realized how much I used it or how handy it really was.

That's all for now. It's late here and I should be getting to bed. Will hammer away at it some more the next chance I get :)
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  1. The_Prophecy,

    Thanks for the great feedback, we'll go through this and get back to you!

  2. Something else I just thought of... when taking any moderation action where we can enter a reason "Other" (deleting a thread for example), add a field where we can specify a reason instead of simply leaving it at "Other".

    Seems logical that if we have different options available that we can use when providing a reason for the action taken, that Other would allow us to be a bit more specific. This is also assuming that these options were provided so that someone on BoM's end could go back an analyze this data later, otherwise giving us a list of reasons at all would be pretty pointless.
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