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Got my friend's 'old' motherboard/cpu/memory because he bought a new p4.

Thing is it wont work, the computer errorbeeps like a policecar (2 diff tones):> I have tried with 2 different gfxcards, other memorymodules. Doesn't work anyway...

I have also given the stuffs to my uncle who is pretty good at computers and the wierd thing is that it worked in his machine. What confuses me is that I didn't remove any components/cards on the mobo, but it still worked right away for him.

So he gave my stuffs back and I tried another time in my machine, but it continues to beep like a friggin policecar...

So basicly the only thing we've changed is the powersupply and chassi. Mice and kboard also ofc... But should those things really matter ?

The mobo is msi kt7266 pro2, the cpu is XP1600+ and one module of 266 ddr-ram
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  1. Do you have the manual for the motherboard? Check it for beep error codes, alternatively check MSI's website for same.

    :eek: Remember it's only a crime if you're caught :eek:
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