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I've downloaded the Windows 7 RC several times and tried to burn it to cd but it doesnt work. I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I have the 3gb windows file. I burned it to dvd with Nero, but when I click it all it does is ask me if I want to add files to the disk.

I'm very frustrated why they make it so difficult. What am I doing wrong? I cant find any information on the RC webpage that shows you how to burn an iso file to dvd and run it.
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  1. Ok, so I found a site that explains what to do.
    I downloaded Imageburn and I'm supposed to open it and point the source to where I downloaded the Iso file. Well it says to download it to your desktop and point it there, however Its just sitting in my download folder. I cant find any way to point imageburn to my download folder. Am I gonna have to spend 8 hours downloading it again? If I remember correctly, It didnt even give me the option of downloading it to my desktop, it just automatically downloaded it to my downloads folder. Help.
  2. No no! You're making this way to hard :) Burning an ISO should be really easy.

    Or use this prog (I think the unregistered version lets you burn all day, you just can't edit the ISO... which you don't need to do anyway)

    You have vista? You could try this prog too: (instructions
  3. Ok I cant figure out how to burn it from my download folder, it just wont work.

    So I decided I'll spend another 8 friggin hours and download it to my desktop this time, however it doesnt give me that option. When I click download it asks me if I want to open it or save it, but when I click save it, it just starts downloading it to my download folder again. How the hell do I get it to download to my desktop??
  4. trentdk said:
    No no! You're making this way to hard :) Burning an ISO should be really easy.

    Or use this prog (I think the unregistered version lets you burn all day, you just can't edit the ISO... which you don't need to do anyway)

    You have vista? You could try this prog too: (instructions

    I dont need another program, I have imageburn I just cant seem to point it to the file because the file is in my downloads folder.
    I found step by step instructions on how to burn the file, I just cant figure out how to get the file from my download folder to my desktop -OR- re-download the file to my desktop.
    Im about to put my foot right through the front of my computer I'm so friggin frustrated. How hard can it be to download a file to your desktop in Vista?? It doesn't give the option.
  5. Just to reiterate: Don't care about 'where' that .iso file is on your computer. If that "imageburn" program doesn't let you browse for the file, then junk it and use one of the programs I linked above.

    Sorry you had to redownload it, hehe... totally not necessary ;)
  6. If you really think you have to move the file, can't you just open Windows Explorer (windows key + e), find the .iso, cut, and paste on desktop?
  7. It lets me browse for the file everywhere, but where do I find my download folder??
    When I say download folder I mean when I'm in Firefox and I click tools and then click downloads, the file is there.
  8. In Firefox, goto Tools -> Options, and you'll see where the default download location. You can actually hit that "browse" button to see what it looks like in the directory tree.

    Try to mimic that in your imageburn program, or Windows Explorer, and you'll find where that .iso
  9. Yeah it says desktop, then downloads. But when I go there the folder is empty. I dont get it.
    But your information did help me to tell vista to ask me where to download the file from now on.
    I guess I'll have to spend another 8 hours downloading it to my desktop :(
  10. Wait wait, don't re-download. That would be a tragedy, lol.

    Ok, try this. Firefox -> Tools -> Downloads. Now you see the .iso right? Right click on it and click "open containing folder". That should show you a folder with your downloads, and the .iso file. From there you should be able to see where that file is on your hard drive, of if you wanted, cut/paste to your desktop.

    For example, my default download directory is C:\Users\Frodo\Downloads. :ange: Replace "Frodo" with your user name.
  11. Yeah well when I right click the iso file under the download folder, the "Open" and "Open containing folder" are grayed out and I cant choose either.
    This will be the 3rd time I've spend 8 hours downloading it. How frustrating. Why do they make is so difficult?
  12. What I'm saying is that you probably have multiple 'download' folders on your system, and Firefox might be saving them to a different place than the download folder that you're finding. If you click "open containing folder" from that Firefox download screen, you'll get the TRUE folder to which Firefox is downloading.

    It could be C:\downloads, c:\users\(yourname)\my documents\downloads, I dunno, maybe even c:\program files\mozilla\firefox\downloads... lol.

    Maybe even try doing a search for the file... something like *.iso from c:\
  13. No I found the default download location by going to tools and options. Its c:\desktop\shady\downloads.

    I even found other download folders and theres no iso file in any of them.
  14. Well crap, maybe it has something to do with the Java download manager that Microsoft used with the RC distribtution.

    Check your documents directory... I seem to remember that being the default location for that Java downloader.

    Also, try doing a full search for the file. Open windows explorer, click on the primary hard drive "c:\" and in the top right you'll see a search box... put in *.iso and let it look for it.
  15. Ok, I searched and it was there, but it said the size was 0bytes. If I right click it I get the option to burn with imageburn, the program I installed earlier. I dont see any point in burning it though because it says 0bytes.
    6hrs, 46minutes to go, just to see if it works. lol
  16. I dont understand why I show the 3gb .iso file when I'm in FF and I click tools, downloads but cant find a 3gb .iso file in any of the download folders.
    Is it possible that I deleted it and that is why it shows in one place but not the other?
  17. Hate to promote IE, but try downloading it with Internet Explorer (usually works best with microsoft's sites... obviously)
  18. can't you just search for the file and then drag & drop to your desktop?... i mean... i'm sorry if that seems stupid, but it's never failed me... lol
  19. OK, when you use Nero you choose "Burn Image" which is usually under the Recorder menu. From there point it to the ISO file (you obviously had it once before when you tried to use Nero at the very beginning).

    And all done.
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