Looking for a usb-powered portable/low-profile display/tablet for mac

I'm looking for a stylus-based input device that meets the following:
- Can throw in laptop bag
- Stylus input and screen output on the same surface (not like bamboo tablets, etc.)
- Works with mac
- Minimal setup (can use in lecture) (no external power adapter needed if possible, etc)
- Pressure sensitivity (nice, but not necessary)

What I've found that meets the above as much as possible is the Wacom DTU-1631, but it's a little thicker than I'd like, and seems to require its own power (and I don't much care for its adjustable stand).

Does anybody have any better suggestions?
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  1. I don't think USB ports can supply enough power for a display, not even a small LED back-lit model. But you can probably get a battery pack for whichever display you end up with.
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