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I recently decided to upgrade my mouse/keyboard/headset, and had originally decided on a set of razer products, including the naga, (mouse,) arctosa, (keyboard,) and carcharias, (headset.) Although I am still very happy with the razer naga, (as an MMO player, the 17 buttons it provides are very much needed,) I am unsure about the other two.

I found on (cheaper) alternatives to the headset & keyboard, and so am now hesitant with which to buy.

Razer keyboard:
Alternative keyboard:

Razer headset:
Alternative headset:

From what I can see of them, the alternatives appear to be a lot better, & for a lot cheaper price; however I have never heard of the brands, whereas I can be assured of the professionalism of razer's products.

Could someone who knows what they're talking about cast an eye over my choices and see if they're as good as they appear? I don't want to make a bad decision based on my quite limited knowledge of this sort of thing. Thank-you for reading!
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  1. I LOVE Razer products. I have a Diamond back that is 9 years old, and still killing it. I bought a carcharias, and returned it the next day, the headset is cheap and terrible in many ways.

    I picked up the turtle beach X12, and haven't looked back. Mic is terrific, and the headset is super light feeling, and comfy for anything. It's actually to a point I don't use my speakers for anything anymore, the headset is just amazing. I do mainly gaming, with a lot of browsing mixed in, and couldn't be happier.
  2. honestly, just buy a table mic and $80 headphones. the sound quality in some headsets is just awful.

    OR if you are willing to drop some cash go with the sennheiser pc360 or the model below there both good. those are headsets btw.
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