"recent change in software/hardware" please help

I recently built a new computer with these specs

AMD Athlon II X3 3.2 Ghz
Seagate 2TB Serial ATA HD 7200/64MB/SATA-6G
Kingston 8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz
Gigabyte AM3+ AMD 460G Micro ATX AMD motherboard
Ultra LSP450 450W ATX power

I had installed windows 7 on the harddrive prior to building the computer, I put everything together and
I powered it up, it beeps, first screen is the Gigabyte BIOS page, then it seems it's about to start windows and then jumps to "recent change in software/hardware" screen, where I have the option to either start normal or safe, etc. (I cant go back to last know working config because Windows 7 was freshly installed.)

I hit enter and again same thing.

I have a repair DVD so I can boot from the disk and hit Repair. I put it in the drive, I powered on, hit F9 to change the BIOS so it will boot from the CD/DVD, then enter, again, same "recent change in software/hardware" comes up.
So I decided to power down and power up, DVD-ROM light comes on and then beep, gigabyte bios screen comes up, scripts come up, says boot from CD/DVD and then windows logo for about a sec and again "recent change in software/hardware" comes up, this is an ever ending cycle.
I have noticed that the DVD-ROM only lights up for a couple seconds only when I turn the computer on, when the screen shows Boot from CD/DVD I dont see the light on, this is a new SATA samsung DVD-RW that I had for about a year, I never used it before becuase my old computer didnt have any SATA. This new gigabyte motherboard is all SATA.
I am not sure if the DVD-RW is working, either way I ordered a new DVD-RW SATA that should be coming in today.

Regarless of this, what is usually the problem that triggers the "recent change in software/hardware", the build is pretty standard.
Any ideas on what is going on? is it hardware or software problem?
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  1. So you install windows 7 on the hard driver on another computer then put it in the new build?
    Install windows 7 on the new build.
  2. Unfortunately there is no "pretty standard". Windows does the first stage of customization at install time. Not to speak about hardware specific drivers installed afterwards. As rgd1101 says: always install windows on the target machine or run a "sysprep" on the source machine.
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