What is a good system benchmark program?

Hello, this is my first post to this forum, and I took a quick browse through recent posts on this forum and I do not see anything pertaining to a good benchmark program to reference my computer.

I recently built an AMD Thunderbird 900 on an Abit KT7 motherboard. I am using 256 MB of Micron PC133 RAM, I have an older Voodoo3 3000 videocard, and a Maxtor 17.3 Gig 7200 RPM hard drive. My CPU is cooled with the Super Orb dual fan heat sink.

I am curious as to if my computer is performing to its maximum potential. The only two tests I've been able to run on it are the Benchmark program included with Norton System Works 2001. I ran 3 tests, and my average score was 486 (no sarcasm intended!). I also have madonion's 3dMark2000 program and that scored me at 3001 points. Now I know the Voodoo 3000 isnt exactly a stellar video card, so maybe that was holding me back with the 3dMark program, but Im curious as to what other people with the 900 MHz Athlons are scoring...
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  1. Sandra SiSoft 2001
  2. Yup, Sisoft will give you a good overview of your system

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  3. www.spec.org

    But AMD lovers might not like this one since it shows Intel P4 bitch slapping the best of AMD around like a rubber fuc doll.

    This is one of the most up-to-date benchmarks available.
    Im sure the is some AMD lover is gonna disagree.
  4. I agree; I think Sandra is good too. As well as giving you benchmarks, it'll give you a wealth of extra information about your PC components.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048" target="_new">http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048</A></b>
  5. Fugger - bitch slapping who with what? You really, REALLY need to get out more, fugger. A true Intel lover for sure, and adequately named, it seems. Your ignorant posts establish your reputation nicely. Oh, by the way, go take a look at Tom's power machine -- talk about a bitch slap! HHAHAHAHHAA!!!! Oh, and by the way -- see those close 1.2 ghz AMD numbers? And to think that the Intel is clocked higher and costs what, double? the price of the T-bird? Yes, you have proven just what Intel fans are made of. Just keep posting, we all could use more things to laugh at in the forums. BTW, can't wait to see AMD's next production cpu throttle the P4's. Over and out.
  6. Now, how did we all know you would have something useless to say FUGGER?
  7. 1.3Ghz T-bird (yes it will compile the linux kernel unlike the 1.13 PIII)A7V, GF2 Ultra, 512mb pc133,IBM GXP75-30mb yada yada yada


    memory about $150
    motherboard about $140
    CPU about $260

    Pentium 4 prices:

    memory about $800 or $700 if you can sell your 2 free rimms
    Motherboard about $250 (I have one of the better MB you should too)
    CPU about $600

    So, You will pay total A THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS while I pay $550

    My whole computer didnt cost that much! (The monitor cost more than the computer DP2040U beautiful monitor 22 inches res up to 2048 by 1536 USB hub the works... if you do not buy the P4 you will be able to afford one)

    ---------- sum_results\AWADVS\summary.txt
    AWadvs-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 56.48

    ---------- sum_results\DRV\summary.txt
    DRV-07 Weighted Geometric Mean = 13.64

    ---------- sum_results\DX\summary.txt
    DX-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 14.41

    ---------- sum_results\Light\summary.txt
    Light-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 4.807

    ---------- sum_results\MedMCAD\summary.txt
    MedMCAD-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 16.45

    ---------- sum_results\ProCDRS\summary.txt
    ProCDRS-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 11.03

    3Dmark2000 in the high 9000's to low 10000's depending on GF2ultra overclocking

    AND no you don't even want to see the sisoft sandra chart, it really puts the P4 to shame even when SSE2 is enabled.

    SO for THREE TIMES AS MUCH $$$ for the core assets you can buy yourself LOWER PERFORMANCE.

    When I see that Intel is still in business it makes me happy that the world is still full of fools.
  8. here are those stomping P4 specperf benches fugger's raving about. what? max 10% better on only 3 out of six benches? give me a break. Looking at my numbers compared to theirs shows me I still have some tweaking to do yout though.

  9. Tom's Power Box didn't use the fastest clocked P4. If he wanted to claim that the Power Box was the FASTEST, then he should've gone ahead with a comparison of the Intel and the fastest AMD. I think the Power Box would've stood it's ground pretty fairly with a P4 1.7 w/ PC800 RDRAM anyway. Tom was demonstrating systems within the same price bracket though, so price/performance, the Power Box kicked P4's butt. I just wish it had been a slightly broader benchmark.

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