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My desktop is in need of a good 120hz monitor, and I think I may have found the one. The s23a750 (sorry-no link, since pretty much nobody sells them) seems to fit the bill--good specs all around at a reasonable price. I'm going to be using a single GTX 670 for a while, but I do plan on SLI-ing them later, so I opted for a good 120hz monitor instead of the IPS. I have a few questions:

I have a Nvidia graphics card-will I still be able to do use the standard 3d in this monitor?

If not, is the 2d-3d conversion any good?

Will I gain anything by switching over to a Nvidia 3d vision monitor if I don't play any of those games? Like, even though it's not compatible with this monitors 3d, is it beneficial to use nvidia 3d vision even though none of the games that it works with I'm interested in--so I would pretty much be using the 2d-3d conversion anyways? Sorry about that last Q...had a hard time explaining.

Can the GTX 670 work with games that already have built in 3d on this monitor? Or will I be stuck with 2d-3d conversion for everything?
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  2. If you think nobody sells them, where would you get yours? I searched Google Shopping, and there are plenty of places to buy them. Samsung's web site indicates it comes with the Tri-Def 3D driver, and if you don't like that, iZ3D also makes a video-card-independent 3d driver. I don't know about 2d to 3d conversion or using nVidia 3d vision with a monitor that isn't marked as 3d vision ready. Most games that use Direct3D (instead of OpenGL, DirectDraw, GDI, etc.) can be run with stereoscopic 3d, though if you look at compatibility lists, a lot of them have weird issues or special settings required, like turning down shadows and reflections.
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