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Hi, i would like to buy a new laptop but i am not sure which one should i buy.
I would like to use it for pretty much everything including games.
The limit is about $800.

I think that the best choices are these; please help me to pick one.

14", Core i5 460m, 5650

15.6", Phenom x4 P920, 5730, 7200rpm hdd

15.6", Phenom x4 N950, 5650

16" Phenom X4 P940, 5650

15.6", Core i5 460m, 5650

The second laptop has the best gpu but worst cpu so i am not sure if it is a good choice,
from what i have read the core i5 should be the best i can get.

Should i wait for ati 6xxx?
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  1. If battery life is important, definitely get the Acer. You can hit 6-7 hours with light usage (8-hour claim). If not, the Asus will still be best for gaming, despite its CPU. Deciding between the other three would be a tossup.

    Also, updating the drivers on any of these GPUs should make them show up as a 6000 series card, if I'm not wrong. The 6550 is a newly labelled 5650. But the new series will also bring Blackcomb and Granville.
  2. Hi thx for answer. I just would like to know how big is the difference between i5 460m, P920, N950, and P940.
    If it is lower than 10% i don't care and i will just buy the ntb on which i like the size and price better.
    But fromm what i have read the i5 should be much better for me because of higher frequency and l3 cache,
    on the other hand amd should be better in multitasking because of 4 cores.

    For me, games and internet should be i5 better, question is how much? I can't find this anywhere.
    If it is just a little, that the one with the 5730 is the best for me. Although it has the worst cpu.

    I heard that ati 6xxx will not be that super so i am good with 5650.
  3. Based on these graphs, which include P920+5650 and i5+5650 lappies, a P920+5730 should be better or on par with an i5+5650 combo in most games on medium/high settings. The exception is CPU-intensive games like SCII, where the i5 will perform much better.
    On low settings, the CPU becomes the bottleneck and the i5 may perform 10-20% better, but I doubt you'd be playing at low settings unless outputting to a FHD display.

    Also remember that the i5 is a HT dual-core while the Phenoms are natives quad-cores; each will perform better in different applications.
  4. wait 1 month for GT540 as it is performing better than 5730 and price will be of 5650, so it will suite your budget as well (700-800$) and sandy bridge will give boost to performance as compared with current arrandale(i3/i5) and Clarksfield(i7).
  5. Well my above post was a recommendation but answer for your question is the 1st and last laptops are fine for your purpose, 1st one is 14inch so it will give you better battery standby.
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