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Another CPU poll, those last dozen really didn't do it for me.
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  1. My god, I never thought I'd say this BUT...

    I'm with you on this one.
  2. I don't know but I'm pretty sure one of my duals system can kink that powerbox's a$$.

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  3. Wait until the end of the year, and see how the marketshare shifts (or stays the same). That will be the poll that counts.
  4. KINK the powerbox's a$$...

    oh! computer sex, now u ARE getting kinky...
  5. I meant dropkick!!!
  6. Over all, no. Most stuff don't utilize dual processor and you'll never get an intel running as fast as that thunderbird. And how much does your dual intel system cost?
    More than the power box that's for sure. THe power box is pretty much the same price as a system with one intel cpu.
  7. Otherwise I haven't any idea why Tom didn't use a P4 1.7 and/or PC-800 RDRAM. When building the ULTIMATE system though, I would think cost isn't a factor at all. It almost seems like Tom was just trying to make an AMD system that totally beats up the Intel systems... <shrug> I dunno, it was an entertaining article, but still not of the same calibre that Tom used to do. I'm anxiously awaiting those days again. :)

  8. not really since the vapochill is $650. ($253 1.2 proc., $240 mobo = $1143 ... dual intel sys - tyan tiger le [as to avoid via chipset, but more expensive by about $300] $445, p3 1ghz $256 = $957 if we allow for via that's only $657 -- $486 less expensive.

    also i hope anyone who is spending so much money trying to improve performance is using it for work/professional apps and not just games. especially since the video card usually seems to be the limiting factor for games. there is no reason to pump up the processor so fast for them [at the cost of $650 when a gf2 ultra is at most $450]. So if this is the case there are plenty of multithreaded apps out there for people with dual systems making it more affordable and outperforming the powerbox.
  9. listen...before you patronize me or others, and listen hard!
    when one chooses a dual solution it is because that person is very well aware that it will need smp enabled software to take advantage of the fact.

    What I use takes advantage of my 2nd cpu, not all Intel ppl run win98se or winme like amd users do.

    and no offense to all, but anybody runing winnt or win2k on a single is really missing out.

    2nd, a dual system will kick that powerbox's arse in price/perforce where it counts.
  10. Which is where precisely?
  11. In your dreams! Ain't no duel system going to get over 1200 from intell.

  12. Some people are just clueless about SMP, We can put those people in the loser catagory.

    BTW, Intergraph/SGI Zx10 will overclock beyond 1.2Ghz easy on every box.
  13. that's because you have a one track mind, therefore you are narrow minded!
  14. I think the dual system would beat the Power Box on a few applications (like 3ds Max), but not by a 50% margin (probably 30% at best) and as for price/performance, it would do horribly. The only thing more expensive than buying one P4 is buying two and a dual board.

  15. duals are nice, i'll give you that, but not really a viable consumer end solution right now due to the fact that its only really professional software thats written to take advantage of it. also, we dont care. if youre so insecure that you must go around beating your chest and bragging that "mine's bigger/better/faster/PAK CHOOIE UNF than yours" then youre really quite sad.

    i just burped...heh.....burping.....cool

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: cape does not enable user to fly.
  16. Every man and his dog are posting about cpu polls, how many do you need?
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