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Good article , but why not show the 3dsmax benchmarks, showing the most powerfull x86 fpu????
Athlon rulez !
steinBR -Brazil
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  1. and why didn't he oc that p4 just a little bit to 1.6,
  2. .... Yes, I'm waiting for 3D StudioMax on Athlon 1.6Ghz, then on dual 1.6Ghz.

    .... Also, I think we need a " Crusher Quake3 " benchmark, instead of the wimpy ones being used.

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  3. Most likely because SMP machines own and AMD loses that battle. Tom would not get kick back from AMD if he posted negative info like that.
  4. simple , because we need liquid nitrogen to oc the p4 to 2 or more Ghz to beat the k7 !!!!!
    kids, home...
  5. Buzz, AMD + quake = lose vs Intel!

    Intel makes a better quake CPU. even tom biased articles can verify that.
  6. I'm sorry but over at they had no problems getting a p4 to go 1.8Ghz and I don't think they used the Vapochill!

    It would be too easy to get a 1.5 to 1.6 even you can do it!
  7. .... Since Athlons are clearly faster overall anyway, he should have included his PIV 1.7HollowGhz in the testing, especially since it was air-cooled, but I guess he wanted a comparison to 'off the shelf' type systems.

    .... Also wish he had OC'd the GeForce 3D card as well since this was supposed to be kind of an all out performance PC and it wouldn't have cost any extra $$$$$$. Also, at 1.6Ghz, the Athlon was kind of bottlenecked by a stock GeForce Ultra.
  8. Can you tell me how to get a p4 overclocked and keep the agp and pci bus in spec????? HMMMMMM????? Tom right of the get go stated that he wanted to keep everything but the processor in spec, this made limiting the p4 to its rated mhz because intel don't want you messin with there cpu's. I would however have liked to seen the athlon at 1.5 gig as well to compare mhz to mhz performance.

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  9. Hey, at work I'm writing control software for a liquid nitrogen cooling device. It can run stable (+/- .1 degree) at 90 Kalvin. (That's -183.5 Celsius.)

    Next I'm going to see if I can get it stable at -200 Celsius now that I have more refined settings to use.

    Can you just imagine what kind of overclocking fun you could have with this? Granted, you would need to keep the whole system in a dry-air cabinet. But still, the overclocking potential is astounding.

    Too bad I don't have a P4 or a T-Bird that I can bring to work one weekend and see just how far I can overclock with. I bet it'd be better than Vapochill though! :)

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  10. LOL yeah right up to the point where you got it to cold and cracked the chip or motherboard.....

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  11. I thought he should've used a P4 1.7, after all, he said it's the fastest stuff.

  12. ok i have a question on the dream machine here...
    who goes and buys a viper with out seats a radio or roof?

    why is this system not complete with sound card
    ill be the stock ones are as u add parts to it ur speed will decrease that is not even close to my idea ofa dream machine...if ur going to test it do it up right... put all the damn goodies in with it ...
    i dont know about you all but i happen to like listening to u all explode as well as watch it :) that doesnt do my system any good when i have a dvd tv radio vcr sat dish and everything elsei can cram in to it just says look i have the fastest machine granted cant drive it on the street due to a lack of SEATS! but hey she be fast lol

    come on lets get the pricing right eh?
  13. Im a cryogenic specialist and have to ask you this. What are you planning on keeping the liquid N2 in while your PC uses it? I know you dont want a Dewer standing in your office. Oh and you know how dangerous that could be with the expansion ratio on LIN? The temp is good right around _290 or so but the expansion ratio is around 450/1, meaning you need a high pressure system that is leak tight. Not likly for a PC in my opinion. But hey let me know how far you get. If you really want it cold you should use liquid Argon, bit more expensive but it boils at -403 hehe.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
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