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Hi, I've just build this computer and installed windows 7 pro 64bit on the ssd. At first it was loading really fast and the welcome screen was only 2-3 seconds. But now(1 day after building the computer) the welcome screens takes 30 seconds to load, every single time. The startup is fine the only problem is the 30 seconds welcome screen, any advice on fixing that please?
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  1. It sounds like some programs at start up or drivers are the issue, since you have only been running it a day go over what you installed and look to see what services are running. Also, optimize your ssd, here is a good guide:
  2. Thanks I'l take a look. Still looking for any advice
  3. As RealBeast said.

    Are you saying it used to take 2-3 seconds from power-on?
  4. no, the welcome message was taking 2-3 seconds
  5. Can you see any errors coming up in the event log?
  6. Its alright, I fixed it! :)

    I downloaded CCleaner and I disabled GbtUpd from running on startup, it had something to do with my gigabyte motherboard. Anyway its all fixed now, got a 3 second welcome screen. Thanks everyone
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