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I have an acer 5100, last month i upgraded to windows 7 32 bits, then upgraded to 4 gigs of ram,everything ran fine, except my dvd, I got the dvd working, I upgraded my window 7 to 64 bit, I was told to do this by the guy who installed my ram. Now windows says I have 10 GB free out of 52.1 GB, and I lost all my folders on the computer. Is there a way to get more memory. and retreive my lost files? I can't even download my virus protector.
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  1. You wouldn't have lost much by leaving it as it was, about 3.5 GB on the 32 bit instead of 4 GB on the 64 bit.
    "Now windows says I have 10 GB free out of 52.1 GB, and I lost all my folders on the computer."
    When you ran the 64 bit instalation Windows collected the previous 32 bit instalation and put it in a folder called Windows.old, thats where you will find your old folders containing your files which you can recover and move to their proper locations.
    After you recover all that you need, delete the folder to regain the space.
    Any programs you had installed, will need to be reinstalled.
  2. As far as I'm aware, win 7 makes no odds whether it's 32 or 64 bit for RAM allocation, only Vista and XP did. But win 7 only takes up 8 or 9 gb AT MOST. I think mine is down to 6 or 7. so the files you had are there, but I couldn't tell you where. If you go windows explorer and go to tools, folder options,view and Show hidden files and folders and turn off the Hide protected os system files you should be able to find them
  3. I found the files, not sure how to move them, so I'm waiting for my computer guy to call me back, and he can fix it...I give up...thanks for the help
  4. you can only run approx 3.25gb of ram on windows 7 32 bit. I have 4gb installed in my system however only being able to use 3.25 in order to use the full 4.00gb i would have to install windows 7 64 bit i once tried but gave up as all my drivers on my computer were 32bit and struggle to find 64bit versions for them all.
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