i know this flies in the face of the teachings of our wonderful intel propagators here, (NOTE TO AMERICANS: that was sarcasm, please dont try to sue), but all their talk of instability is utter bollocks. lets have a look at my system here...

duron 800 @ 1016....uh-oh!! first problems...amd chips are incompatible with a lot of software out there, obviously im only going to be able to run a fraction of the stuff i want to. whats more, amd chips suffer massive heat problems, at this speed, my chip will probably be a small pool of silicon on the bottom of my case very soon

abit kt7: it just gets using a via chipset. since via chipsets are incredibly unreliable, unexplained crashes, system lockups and hardware conflicts will be the norm.

win98se: the final straw, im using a win9x based OS, as any UFie or /.er worth his salt knows, using windows not only means your computer crashes every 5 minutes, but your testicles also shrivel up and do small robert deniro impressions before stealing your car. true story.

all this added up and its obvious that my system should be about as stable as a drunk man at trampoline world.lets have a look at my current uptime here, courtesy of IRC...

3 wk(s), 2 day(s), 8 hr(s), 34 min(s), 5 sec(s)

and this on my only this time i have constantly served a network of 4 computers, ran seti@home 24 hrs a day, installed and played many games....d/led and ran sciencemark, installed a usb camera, (not mine, just testing it for a friend), d/led all sorts of stuff, listened to countless mp3's. played more games. ive run all sorts of apps. i only shut down the computer when i need to screw round with some hardware.

but of course i'll have heat problems right?? right??? well right now its high summer down here in new zealand...its 30 degrees celsius outside and its FSCKING chip temp?? 46 degrees...its usually not quite that hot, but the ambient temp...yeah. its gonna be frosty in winter :)

i have no idea what all the intel dickheads are talking about. amd isnt the problem, via isnt the problem, your moronic self is the problem. my girlfriend put together a duron 700 system, non o/c :(, she'd never even seen the inside of a computer before. i sat there and told her what to do, but i didnt once touch anything, she put it all together herself. she put the heatsink on the chip and everything. the system runs perfectly (of course) and no heat problems at all. if you cant put an amd system together then you dont deserve the higher cost/performance ratio you get from going amd.

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  1. Very Well Said!!! My 1 GHZ T-bird and A7V is rock solid!
  2. Perfectly said! AMD ROCKS!

    A friend of mine has been complaining about the slow systems she has in her office. All PII 333's. She asked me to upgrade her machine on the cheap. To keep cost down I had to reuse some components such as the 4MB Trident video card (ouch), 32x CD-ROM and floppy drive. For $450.00 I put together a system with a Duron 800, Globalwin FOP32, Abit KT7A, Kingmax PC133 TinyBGA, new Enlight case with dual case fans and 300 watt PS and WD 20GB ATA-100 hard drive. She runs the machine hard, running a lot of apps simultaneously (RC5 too..hehe) and is astonished at how fast and stable it is. Enough that she asked me to upgrade the other 6 PC's in the office with a combination of Durons and Athlons.

    I have a similar, much larger success story for my own office as I manage a network with over 50 Athlon workstations and a bunch of K6's. The only remaining Intel boxes on my network are my two servers and that's only because of the lack of a dual processor AMD board. That will be changing soon though.

    I laugh at the AMD naysayer/Intel droids. They really have no clue.
  3. WELL SAID!!!! Someone had to say it, and its good to hear it. All Intel people who bash AMD, see this list of AMD supporters and testimonies!!! I am currently running an AMD Athlon 750 @ 850 with a GEFORCE card (you know, the one that supposedly isn’t compatible with Athlons), 256 megs pc133, 40 gig 7200 western digital, SB Live!, 4xCDRW, DXR3 DVD. PRICE\PERFORMANCE is where it's at, and is what AMD fans are all about!!! Toms Hardware is right down my alley because of this--no wonder they are avid AMD fans! LONG LIVE AMD and LONG LIVE competition! Here's to stomping out IGNORANT AMD basher’s!!!!!!
    PS I can’t wait for my A7v\T-Bird 1 Ghz Machine to arrive!!!!
  4. Well. This kinda things HAPPENS! I've heard even bigest miracles ;) AMD works? It's tiny miracle... Sht happens... I STILL GOT NOTHING AGAINST INTEL :) Lets wait until AMD comes with 2way m/b. Intel has allready 32 way systems. But this is not the place to talk abut it? We are talking about GAMING and IRC. IRC works fine with my old 486 too and I've had 4-6 months with this Intel CPU running bot on the channel.

    Still, AMD has done some good stuff, I don't deny it. Thanks to AMD I can afford Intel :smile:

    <i> And they said schizophrenia is annoying?
  5. Via systems have not achieved the performance of their Intel chipset counter-parts. Usually the Via was slower and considerably less stable. But this was also in the day when Intel had not yet made an unreliable chipset (440BX and before). Intel was also the performance king back in those days. A lot has changed and maybe Via chipsets ARE reliable. My own experience is that they are a bit less reliable than I like and perform a bit less quickly. Truth be told, that could just be a) my motherboard BIOS [not made by Via] or b) the programs I run. I like to use 3ds Max with some pretty large and demanding models (like whole towns). At the same time I love to listen to music so Winamp is playing in the background. And quite often I'm probably running Adobe Photoshop, Front Page and Internet Explorer as well. I have 256MB RAM so you'd think the computer could handle it, but I sometimes (and I emphasize that it is only SOMETIMES) lock up.

    Conclusion, there are a lot more things than just the chipset that may be responsible for a system crash. I think the AMD procs are fine, I don't think they lock up. I think the Via chipset is ok, but probably performs about 2% slower than optimal. I think the mobo manufacturer is quite often at fault and that the system BIOS is VERY often at fault.

  6. Why mr man, you share the same last name as me (minus an n!)


    AMD Duron 800 - Stick a heatsink on it a clock the begger up to 1GHz!!! It is beautiful!!!!
  7. Post deleted by FUGGER
  8. to put it one way,
  9. 1Ghz, for IRC most impressive. let alone you spent the passed 3 weeks in IRC.

    People still use IRC for anything other than child porn?

    Being as IRC is such a CPU intensive application, its no wonder you didnt buy a P4 for that too.

    I play Q3, run seti 24/7 been in IRC for like 9 weeks, im the server serving MySQL, I also stream 14 videos, counter strike server, and much more all at the same time.

    I just love to run seti, I run it all the time, jesus I never stop running it. I love to run seti while I play quake, It brings my machine down to 160Fps so its more playable.

    My box runs at -5 degrees, is waterproof, smells like chicken, has built in dishwasher, seats 6, blueprinted, registered with FBI, weighs under 2oz, and so much more to list.

    My machine has never ever crashed.
    I have a celeron 266 @ 1054Ghz
  10. amazing how Intel fanatics can never be mature huh?

  11. I happen to know that Intel users are a little older and wiser than these "amd puppies" there're surrounded by.
  12. I have no problem with AMD. I have a problem with VIA. Well I might get an AMD if the ALi chipset's shows no problems with athlon. The KT133 does have a problem.

    Its also cheaper to make 256-bit sdram over 128-bit DDR sdram.

    :cool: First person to get a topic banned. ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!! :cool:
  13. must be that Pentium poultry makin' it smell like chicken.(finger lickin' good!)

    :tongue: <font color=green> I LOVE INTEL. It tastes like chicken </font color=green>
  14. I love it. That is the funniest comment I have read in this forum. I don't agree with the implication of the sarcasm, but it was funny. Thanks for the laugh.
  15. the kt133 does not have a problem

    i few years ago, i was driving my dads toyota corona along agravel road when i went round a corner too fast and crashed into a ditch. true stroy, nothing amazing, happens all the time

    NORMAL PERSONS CONCLUSION: i cant drive for crap, and i crashed because of my own error.

    INTEL BUMBOY CONCLUSION: theres something tragically wrong with the car and thats why you crashed. not your fault.

    simple as that. if i, and other non-computer minded ppl can get their kt133 based puters to run fine, then so can anyone. if you cant, then youre a retard. simple as that.

    oh and fugger..........goddamn.....

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  16. Mr. Man your a dumb piece of [-peep-]. The Athlon has most of its problem when running VIA chipset. ALi, SiS, Micron will blow VIA out the Water. Cause they have less problems then VIA chipset.

    DIE VIA DIE....

    :cool: First person to get a topic banned. ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!! :cool:
  17. I am new to this board but been a long time user of AMD base computer. But I finally decided to jump and built my own last week. It took me less than 30 minutes to build it and it worked on the first trial. I dowload all the new drivers and all all my programs from previous machines. Still not a glich. The only problems I got is when I try to install Microsoft SideWinder3D Pro , system will not recognise it and Microsoft do dot have any drivers for WIn Me. Keep the good work

    Amd TH 800MZ no OC yet
    Motherboard MSI KT7 Pro2-A
    Quantum Max 40G ATA 100
    ATI Fury pro Expert 2000 (32MB)
    Pioner 16X DVD
    Shikaram 256MB mem PC133
    Window Me
    Boston Acoustic speaker BA 635 (Incredible sound less than $100)
    I am waiting for my CDRW 1232 from Aopen

    See you all
  18. I am unaware of any SiS or Mircon chipsets for the Athlon. Also the in the only comparison of an ALi chipset, the AMD 760 using the VIA 686 southbridge kicked its but. Where are you getting the idea that VIA makes bad chipsets for the Athlon.

    May Fortune Favor The Foolish
  19. VIA chipsets are fine. They're plenty fast and stable. The people that talk sh*t about VIA only do so because it's the most popular chipset for the Athlon. Since they can't argue that the Athlon is a bad processor they have to find something else to bitch about.

    Hey, I hope you like your Intel computer. Aint it cool paying more for less?
  20. Hi,
    how do you o/c 266 to 1000? That's awesome.
    what mobo, heatsink &fan, bios and ram do you use?
    I have p2 300 from dell it's very reliable and fast among the same class but I feel need for more speed, and thinking of buying palomino and ddr soon, or maybe just new mobo and ram and ata100 with o/c to 1000 if possible. Wouldn't it be noisy if you have a powerful fan keep running?

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  21. Hi,
    Did you find any good place to buy a good case (good air flow with case fans) with a athlon recommended powersupply?
  22. I know little about AMD and VIA. I believe VIA SUCKS !!! because I read people complaining about VIA chipsets a lot, compare to fast and reliable intel chipset. They say VIA comes with many revisions and patches and hide problems not fixing it. Proper chipsets for AMD are supposed to be a lot better than VIA to deserve AMD. Of course it's better t have VIA than no chipset for AMD. It's better to call it a less-good chipset to intel's chipset than stupid one. The truth is AMD deserve better than VIA. VIA'd better get better, if it wants to remain AMD partner in the face of Micron and other future chipsets.
  23. I recently built my own PC and I am very pleased with the stability and performance of my setup, built around AMD and VIA. I chose the Duron 800 while I wait for 266MHz FSB processor releases from AMD.

    AMD Duron 800 MHz oc to 935MHz
    256MB Crucial PC133 CAS2
    Guillemot/Hercules Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB oc to 215/430
    Creative 12X DVD
    Plextor 16X10X40 CD-RW
    SBLive X-Gamer

    Processor is running 110/36 x 8.5, 1.675v core, memory running at a respectable 146MHz. Despite pushing extremely heavy loads, I have not been able to get temp above 44C, average seti- crunching hovers around 32C. All drivers are the latest (non-beta) releases, OS WinME.

    I have a very stable and extremely powerful system that I would not have had were I easily swayed by such insightful commentary and unbiased opinion as this:

    I know little about AMD and VIA. I believe VIA SUCKS !!!
  24. what you've got to remember there, is that i'm British, and get conned when it comes to buying anything computer. I know. I work for one such company :-D
  25. so im a dumb piece of [-peep-] because i dont believe everything you say?? you can rant and rave about via for as long as youve still got a keyboard and one free hand, but the fact remains that i have a beautifully fast and stable chipset. nothing you say will change that fact. and its not an opinion, its a FACT because i see it every day as i run about 5 trillion apps at once and the system goes like a champ. i dont know if youve ever even used a computer with a via chipset before.

    incidentally, my flatmate with a p3 600 has always had an unstable computer. of course since he's using the 440BX chipset you intel wannabes will all shriek in unison "ITS A SOFTWARE ISSUE!!" but if any amd user has a problem.....thats right......... "ITS VIA!!!!" wtf is up with that???

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  26. Hi,
    That's cool. Im thinking of AMD and VIA(I wish I could get better chipset soon).
    what case and heatsinkfan are you using ?
    where did you get them?
  27. case?? god knows what case. some nameless full tower case. ah here it is - Avance. whoever the hell they are.

    im using a fop38 with arctic silver. damn i love the fop38. i think i'm the only person in the world that doesnt get pissed off with the noise level. it doesnt bother me at all. sometimes i sleep in the same room as it and it doesnt stop me from getting to sleep at all, as far as i know, im the only person in the world who can do that :)

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: cape does not enable user to fly.
  28. older and senile is more believeable

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  29. I have a new case, but realized after buying a fancier custom case, that you might as well buy a little piece of crap and hack it apart with fans sticking out of it :) no, but seriously, if you plan on getting a mid-tower and need some help on a case design let me know... I payed 75 for this guy including shipping (most cases cost 20 to ship, this one cost 5 :O)... but if you buy a somewhat cheap case, with a 300 watt power supply, stick a large intake fan in the front bottom, an outtake in the back, along with the power supply outtaking, and a 120mm fan on the top of the case sucking all the hot air out... you may actually want to leave open one of your slots in the front, since it will be sucking so much air through... MUHAHA :)

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  30. Hi,
    I never heard of a case to use that much fans like yours.If it needs so many fans and as much noise, I am willing to pay more for faster cpu than overclocking slower one to keep the peace of mind for years.

    I am thinking of Thermaltake Volcano II heatsink&fan(more poweful and quieter than FOP-32) with Athlon(palomino)900Mhz(OC to 1100) in Enlight Midtower 300W case(Englight makes AMD recommended powersupplys). What do you think?

    I want to know if my choices are ok or just hope it will be ok. Enlight case seemed good in a review. It just worries me that its front panel doesn't look to have enough holes for air flow. I read ENLIGHT case needs rails in its drive bays, do you know what it means?
  31. It is typical for overclocking, if you don't want to deal with heat issues, make sure your fans are set up well.... I am overclocking my cpu 300 mhz, and my video card 50 mhz.. I just want a cool case to promote the life of my system :) and anyway, a normal AThlon system should have a good amount of fans, etc also... most cases have a 80mm fan in the front, one in the back and one in the power supply, that is usually enough :)

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  32. surprised you guys all use so many fans. I have 3 systems
    ( pentium pro 200, athlon classic 600, and duron 700 OC'd to 900). Each has a processor heatsink/fan and a power supply fan and no other fans!.
    Living in darkest africa (well johannesburg) summer temps
    around 28 Celcius. internal case temps on the AMDs around
    34 C, processors maxing at 42 C. I run SETI on the classic
    24/7. the classic has a seagate cheetah scsi UW which generates plenty heat !!. I have never had a hang or freeze
    except trying the duron at 1000Mhz. Am i just lucky?
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