diff. between Slot A Athlon and Slot A T-bird?

what's the difference between a Slot A athlon and a Slot A T-bird? right now i'm using a Slot A Athlon 500. can i upgrade with a Slot A T-bird? my motherboard is a Gigabite GA-7IX.
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  1. From reading AMD's website, it appears that all Tbirds will be released as Socket A. As I understand it from reading independent articles, there is extra manufacturing cost for doing SLOT-type processors without corresponding benefit on modern motherboards and die sizes. Most will be returning to a PGA. Pricewatch does not indicate any SLOT A Tbirds, not that that is the be all, end all answer. As always, YMMV. My crystal ball hasn't been all that reliable.


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  2. I'm pretty sure all T-Birds are Socket A, ...If you want to upgrade to a T-bird your going to have to get a Socket A motherboard.

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  3. the main difference is that there is 256 of onboard cache running at full speed. on the old athlon there is 512 off die cache and its speed is limited usually 2/5 or 1/3 of processor speed. there is also an in between athlon called k75 it uses .18 architecture but the cache is not built in. if you want a slota thunderbird make sure the cache is only 256k. go to the gigabyte website and see what cpus are supported. i also have a 500 i am looking to upgrade, but my motherboard is msi its compatible up to 1ghz. good luck
  4. I was planning to upgrade my machine with a 900 slot-a tbird. They're hard to find, but not impossible. AMD did make them, but they were only released to OEMs. Just look for "SLOT TBIRD" on pricewatch.com. You should find quite a few matches. Call the place to order though, make sure it's in stock.


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  5. I looked around and found on Yahoo auctions a guy selling Athlon Slot-A 950mhz for $159. I ordered one, got it, put it into my Athlon Slot A Compaq 5900Z (700 athlon) and it worked perfectly. Sure it is not quite the performance of the Socket A's but hey, I did not have to replace the motheboard.
  6. dude...was that a TBIRD?!? If not, I don't really see a big gain there.


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  7. Not sure. I ran the AMD CPUID program and gives the following:
    AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
    Speed: 949MHz
    L1 Data Cache: 64KB
    L1 Inst Cache: 64KB
    L2 Cache: 512KB
    Family.Model.Step: 6.2.2

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  8. that's not a tbird. a tbird has 256K L2 cache...half of the original, but running at full clock (I think the 1000 runs at 1/3)


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