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Currently my hard drive is split into two, one has windows 7 on it, the other has windows xp on it. I recently upgraded to an 8 core CPU and can no longer run XP. I have roughly 245 GB (used) on the D: drive which also has the XP system files. I want to delete the D: drive and combine it into the windows 7 C: drive. I just got a new 180 GB Intel 330 SSD so what I'd like to do is destroy windows xp and move my OS to the SSD along with some games and things. I can't seem to format Windows XP even though I only use the Windows 7 drive. Can anyone help me get rid of XP, unpartition my drive and then transfer the necessary files to my new SSD?
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  1. *EDIT* I should also mention that I attempted to format D but it would not allow me to do so. Also I tried to unpartition but it only created 15GB of unallocated space and left the D partition in tact.
  2. You can get rid of D: using this:

    1.Just get the software running and on the d: select format partition.It will probably tell you it needs to restart the pc and it will lauch before windows.
    After it has been formated you will have unallocatted space.

    2.Select disk c: and the option extend.It will add unallocatted space to c: .It will probably need to restart the pc.

    3.Look on the menu for the copy disk wizard.This will allow you to transfer you OS to a new HDD/partition/SSD.
  3. Also probably worth noting, this is what it says in computer management.

    Disk 0
    932.51 GB

    Win XP (D:)
    232.93GB NTFS
    Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)

    15.00 GB

    Win 7 (C:)
    683.59 GB NTFS
    Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
  4. Usually you should be able to format it from Windows 7. The only explanation I can see is that maybe there are some system files that are shared on D: that Win 7 is also using. I would have thought of boot manager or maybe the page file, but it says both are on C:\..... It also says your D: is the "Active" partition, is there an option to disable that if you right-click on it? That could be it.

    But maybe you could work around that. You could temporarily disconnect your 1TB HDD from the system and plug only your SSD and install a clean installation of Windows 7 on it. Then you reconnect the HDD as a slave and completely delete all partition and reformat it. If your new OS runs totally from the SSD, I don't see why it wouldn't let you delete partitions and reformat another separate drive.

    If you don't want to go this way you could also try with a different tool, like boot with Acronis Disk Director CD or USB key.
  5. I don't have my windows CD handy though, is there anyway around this?
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