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Hello all

With my new PC due to arrive on Monday, I have a question re: monitor setup. The graphics card in the new PC will be an EVGA 2GB GTX680 card (

Currently, I have a Dell 2412M monitor - after getting used to the murky white colour (due to antiglare coating), it is a very very nice monitor.

I would be interested in setting up 2 monitors however.

With this in mind, I would be grateful for any advice regarding:

1) Is it possible to have Emails / Facebook / Word docs on one monitor, and the other monitor is just dedicated to playing games?

2) What software would I need to get in order to enable the above to happen?

3) Would I need to buy a second 2412M or could I get a Benq 2420t as my 2nd gaming monitor?

4) What cabling / connections would I need to buy to allow for the above?

5) Will I get a smooth gaming experience on the 2nd gaming monitor from using a 2GB card?

Sorry - I am very new to anything concerning multimonitor setups and would be grateful for any advice!

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  1. 1. Yes.

    2. Your video cards driver will have native support. Just plug them both in and use the discovery function in your OS.

    3. Any monitor will due. If you want better color accuracy/picture quality, stick with the Dell. If you want the ability to play in 3D, then go with the BenQ. They are both fantastic monitors.

    4. Any. I would recommend you stick with HDMI, DVI, or Display Port.

    5. The 680 is the most capable card on the market and you will have no problem handling whatever you throw at it.

    (More more detailed information, head over to
  2. Thanks bullwinkel! You have helped me make my mind up.

    Another question - my Dell is 1920 by 1200 and the Benq would have a resolution of 1920 by 1080 - is that going to pose a problem at all? - if I had facebook/work docs on the Dell and a game in windowed mode on the benq.
  3. There shouldn't be a problem at all. The game doesn't even need to be in windowed mode to work as you've described. Your GPU should work everything out for you.
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