24-inch gaming monitor recomendation!!

Hi guys :hello: I currently have a samsung 24 inch s24b350h monitor but I'm planning to go with a dual monitor set-up soon.

Should I buy the same monitor? Or are the better monitors available? Thanks!
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  1. Oh and I plan on running both at 1980x1080 without 3d. I'm also on a slight budget so I can't afford monitors that are too extravagant
  2. If this is for gaming, then having dual monitors is not really recommended if you are playing a 1st person shooter since the target rectal will be directly in the middle separated by the bezel of both monitors.

    I have a dual monitor setup, but I only use the 2nd monitor to watch videos while doing things on the 1st monitor, or when I am doing some heavy multitasking when a large desktop area is very important.

    If you are happy with the Samsung, then just buy it again so that you have matching monitors. Buying a different monitor could mean that the screen itself might be a little higher or lower than your Samsung. Not a big deal if the new monitor has height adjustment, but most inexpensive monitors do not have that feature so you may need to use something like books to level both monitors to the same height.
  3. I'm thinking of getting this for my girlfriend. Its got a quick pixel response and the best color accuracy in its price range.

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