CPU poll- pointless

Hope I don't rub to many people wrong here, but really who cares what processors you have? I mean either you can help someone with a problem or you can't. What's the point of going on and on basically compairing the size of our dicks and in the end the information gathered doesn't change or prove a thing.

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  1. Don'y worry, the newest cpu poll is flawless. We will get to the bottom of who's dick is bigger yet!
  2. ...we hope...
  3. that's easy...it's mine!

    Wherever you go, there you are.
  4. I am skeptical. And he's right. Pointless.

    Got a problem ? Let's hear it..
  5. That's really funny...
    I couldn't agree with you more. Who care's who has what processor? Maybe some have AMD, maybe some have Intel, maybe some have both. Bottom line is we chose what we chose because it fits our particular needs.
    The way everybody is always having these AMD and Intel wars is stupid. It's like everything else in life. Based on previous experiences, one person may like a certain brand of TV over the other. They may argue over which one is better or the better deal, but in the end they end up getting whatever they think is the best one...
  6. It isn't about that. We are trying to find out what the majority of people here own and would buy right now.
  7. i hear where you are coming from m_kelder but in all honesty this site is more AMD than Intel and you know once the AMD (for most polls)comes out on top it is a little bias, but still it would be interesting...

  8. As I've said before, it’s all moot. People just want to talk, share experiences, argue with some body about some thing, just to be themselves. The internet gives that, you can be yer self and no body with make you feel bad, cos you are far from each other. So you can say anything you want about anything you want to any body you want and this is what everybody is looking for – communication with simplicity of being myself. And it matters not what to talk about. Just make up a topic...

    This is plain and simple as that... heh

    K7 + KT7A + MX300 + VooDoo3000 = :smile:
    P3 + CUSL2-C + MX300 + Asus7700 = :smile:
  9. true indeed blah, true indeed!

  10. I like the metaphore about dick-sizes, because that's just what it is. I remember when i first got into computing, all that mattered to me was the size of this and the speed of that...

    When you work with computers everyday you soon get tired of it all...

    But coming back to the dick-size issue, it like porno magz or those car magazines, you just find some childish pleasure to look, just to see, just to know...

    I have a good benchmark on thjis though, the more the guy who posted thrashes the other systems, and says things like "intel suxx" or "amd rules" and so on, the less they know. at the end of the day it's what you have produced that counts. I get so sick of all these tests, yeah, win 98 SE with a super ultra mega what ever prepherial it is 4% faster. I mean really, we are talking seconds here. is your image / video / email / program going to make a world of difference to you if it isproduced 1 minute sooner or later ? Are you charged by the second to use your computer ?

    I am running win2k on a celeron 500, and you know what, I still get paid, i still produce what ever I intended to get done. and my system costed under $700. I have the same amount of movies / mp3's / programs and [-peep-] like that on my system like you do.

    If i wanna game, I buy a video game console.

    I would like to know what all you guys who post all these dick contest materiell REALLY do with your putters, and when you have flamed me about how many 3drenderings and versions of quake III and god knows what you NEED the faster speed for, at the end of the day if you sort out all your [-peep-] and put what you produced in a pile, you are going to find that me and my little volkswagen system could do all the things you could.

    Ofcourse there are the heavy weight guys who really DO need these systems, but they have a machine at work, and they are pro's they don't really care what systems they use, they are more interested in what their systems produce, and probably sit with a SGI bigger than life system anyway.

    // Jo

    my signature? I have the cheapest piece of crap one can find, and still produce kick ass materiell
  11. Let's make a new poll!

  12. I believe the whole thing stemmed from a debate over if AMD systems were more problamatic than Intel systems.

    The Intel fans said that if you look at most of the posts in the CPU section, it's people complaining about problems with their AMD system.

    The AMD fans countered that by saying that the vast majority of people on this board had AMD systems, so that's why there were more posts about problems with AMD systems.

    The Intel fans said that was bogus and that there are plenty of people on the board using Intel systems, they just aren't having problems.

    So someone's bright answer was to hold a poll and find out just how many people on THG were using an AMD system and how many people on THG were using an Intel system. That way we would know if more people were posting AMD problems than Intel problems because AMD systems were more problamatic, or because more people on THG owned an AMD system.

    And, of course, it only served to make even more arguments than it did to answer any questions.

    - Sanity is purely based on point-of-view.
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