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i have an acer aspire 5532. one of my nieces or nephews (not sure which) messed around with the administrator password and locked me out of the computer. I can not log into the owners account only the guest account. With the limited access, I cannot download anything as far as programs or applications or updates. How do i change the administrator or recover it without having to pay 100.00 out of pocket?
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  1. We can't help you with forgotten passwords, I'm afraid. You will have to perform a factory recovery which will give you a fresh Windows installation. You will still have your data because you backed it up -- you did back it up didn't you?
  2. How do you do a factory recovery? There is nothing on the computer that I have to worry about as far as data. It has been sitting idle for a long time. But I would love to reset it and start from scratch so i can use it for a new job. Can you give me any instructions as to how to reboot the system into factory default like i would my android phone? Where it goes back to the day I bought the computer...?
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