Dead System???? :(

Ok, here's the deal...

Its my first time building a computer and I somehow managed to fry my Athlon CPU (smoke came out and it was discolored). Im going to assume that it was because of an improperly mounted heatsink/fan. I send the thing back to AMD, but what i need to know is how to tell if the Mobo is ok? If i try to start it without the processor (its an A7V) its gives a constant stream of beeps. Is this an indication that the motherboard is otherwise working fine. If not, how can i tell if it is ok??

Thanks In advance-

Pier Posthumus
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  1. The mobo should be fine... but for gods sake don't start it without the processor!!!

    Anyway, if it beeps it has not fried.

  2. Thats strange, because in (dont laugh) the complete idiots guide to upgrading Pc's, it said to always start it first without the processor/ram/etc because that way if it is broken, it wont fry any of the parts. Oh well, anyways thanx for your help!!!

    Thanks In advance-

    Pier Posthumus
  3. How long did you have it running before the smoke started pouring out?

    Wherever you go, there you are.
  4. did you use that little hook thingy on the Heat Sink Fan so that it is like attached to the chip :)...also...did you remember to power it?

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  5. But if you start the mobo without ram or cpu, how do you know it works? The beeps? And if it beeps and some component has fried?

  6. ROFL @ YOU!

    KEEP BUYING ADM system.

    What thermal issue?? I thought that the mobo was supposed to shut down! GFG

  7. Sweet did ya try and roast marshmellows over it! Thats what I would have done! Ding dong the AMD is fried!
  8. wow you saw smoke, you know that's toxic right? oooh, Amd owes you money bigtime!

    I think the board is toast, btw did it warn you?
  9. It's a bit wee too late for your lecture, wouldn't you think?
  10. well I mean that could have been his can be pretty tricky to plug in the fan after u spend all that time attaching it :)

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  11. If thats your reasoning then pray to what ever you hold sacred that that guy never becomes a surgeon or runs a nuclear reactor!

    The last time I tried to use my imagination, I ended up in a straight jacket! :eek:
  12. posthumusp,
    Don't listen to the intel drones, they are idiots with nothing constructive to add. I seriously doubt you fried the board by overheating your cpu, but you won't know until the new processor comes in. My only advice is to read as many articles as possible about installing the cpu and hsf correctly before plugging it in.

    Also, if you don't think you did anything wrong to cause the processor to fry you may want to have the mobo tested before going for round 2. You can probably go to any local mom and pop shop to have it done for a minimal fee.
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  13. Ignore AMDMeltdown, he has nothing better to do than than hassle people like yourself who have had some misfortune,Its rare that you will find a constructive AMd post, he is content to slag off everything associated with AMD
  14. Some HSF just plain suck, Antec for example sucks bad.

    A correctly installed HSF will still fail. Its not your fault AMD lacks thermal protection.

    AMDmeltdowns post are what this board needs. all you AMD puppies back each other up with BS like "AMD doesnt have incompatabilities", "there is no problem with thermal protection my mobo will beep/shutdown", and "AMD makes a better CPU".

    The truth needs to be pounded into your reading on a daily bases for it to sink into your thick skulls.
  15. cut the crap

    BTW the word you are trying to find is BASIS not BASES
  16. the AMD haters don't actually OWN an AMD chip do they? or haven't since K-6 I'm betting.

    yeah, test the mobo, read tom't how-to on installing the HSF, read other things
  17. I accidentally applied juice to my athlon with no heatsink on and the cpu got fried. The MB was fine.
  18. Snrub,

    how many seconds did it take to burn your CPU?
    Did it change colors?
    Did the mobo beep?
    What mobo did you use?
  19. I'm curious, which HSF did you install?
  20. This was back in the summer and I sent it back as defective. :) (okay maybe that's not cool) There was smoke and she didn't work afterwards. Worked just like if there was no cpu. The MB was an FIC AZ11 (don't see how that would matter much). AMD says 8 secs is what it takes, I think mine was going for ~2s. What happened was that I had the powercord pluged in but had the atx master switch on! The idea behind doing it that way was to have the ability to ground myself. Although thinking about it, I think you'd be grounded if you didn't have the cord in the wall as well. :) I was trying to be extra causious with my brand new system.
  21. All AMD based mobo's pre 2001 do not have any thermal protection, very few mobos are BIOS upgradeable to protect CPU.

    By the time you hear the beeps its too late.
  22. Isn't that always the case though? I mean you try to be as cautious as possible and it breaks. Meanwhile your friend who lives a charmed life can put a system together while completely drunk and it works without a flaw.

    Sometimes fate is just a fickle mistress.

    And sometimes we just do some really stupid things because we're worrying too much about doing something really stupid. :)

    But yeah, that is my pet peve with AMD. Humans do stupid things. Humans make mistakes. Thermal protection would sure save a lot of time and/or money when life happens.

    Their Hammer chips better have thermal protection, or else I'm going to rant and rave for hours on end. ;)

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