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How long do your earplugs usually last if you wear them often outside? What earphones (earplug type) do have thick cables? I tried Philips, Sennheiser, and the others. All of them have thin cables that doesn't last more than six months.
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  1. in-ear headphones typically use thin wire. there are a multitude of reasons for this such as it being cheaper, the headphones not requiring a heavier wire and weight of heavier wire making it easier for the plugs to slip out of your ears.

    i just buy $9.99 gummy brand headphones and replace them once in awhile. they get gunked up anyways.

    if you want thick cables go with a behind the head or over the ear clip style headphones. they stay on better than over the ear or in ear models. the ones which have a clip that goes on top and behind your ear have a design similar to earbuds but with a few flaws eliminated.
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