hey, what's with all those warning stickers on the cpu sockets of the new Ahtlon mb's, that is so funny :smile:

I'm sorry but, Amd will never get my money and none of you are smart enough to convince me to go green!

Well, to be fair I did like the AOpen mb and who knows I might go out of my mind!!!

Nah! I'll just wait for the P3 version.
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  1. thats nice....this is a free country stay with Intel i doubt anybody really cares...

  2. Its so people like this dipshit who thought he could save 5 bucks don't destroy their components.


    Wish there was a way to keep track of fried AMD processors on this forum. Im sure the total is somewhere in the dozens =)
  3. FUGGER i'll give you props in the fact that you are humorous, but you dont have the maturity to even hurt my feelings....(i cant stop laughing)so please.......grow up.....lmao

  4. First of all, we wouldnt leave you in charge of counting the fried processors.. the number probably extends beyond 1, which we know your threshold for counting resides at... unless of course we discount the number of fried chips that were destroyed due to temporary lapses into states of mind that your everyday reality closely resembles, then the number would be reduced back into a number within your comprehension..

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  5. It's so sad to see that you two, AMD and FUG - if you are actually two different people, have a life that's so devoid of anything meaningful.

    What did AMD do you to make you so bitter? Surely there's more to it than a thermal diode...

    It's not that there isn't anyone "smart" enough to convience you to buy AMD - It's just that no one cares.....

    "Yesterday's solutions are Today's problems...."
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