ASUS VE248H or Samsung S23B550V

Hello guys,

Quick question, which one? ASUS VE248H or Samsung S23B550V?

For Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, MoH Warfighter, and so on...

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  1. I think both panels are of about equal quality. The ASUS has a 3 year warranty vs the samsung 1. Something to think about....

    I'd get an IPS. Better color, better viewing angles, not that much slower in response time. I wouldn't pay the same/more for a TN monitor when an IPS is available.
  3. Thank you both for the answers but the thing is that i just have to choose one of those two... bahh

    The "issue" with the ASUS one is the ghosting problems, but i seen people who could resolve and other people couldn't. And in another hand the Samsung has a good reviews.
  4. I own the 22" version of the ASUS (VE228H) and have no problems with ghosting.
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