6 cell battery or 9 cell battery for this laptop?

i am about to buy this MSI GX660 laptop but one thing that concerns me is the battery. actually, just 6 cell battery is available right now in this model and i am a bit concerned as i am buying this laptop for gaming purpose only. so , do you think that 6 cell battery will do fine or 9 cell battery is a must for this laptop. Here are the system specifications: PROCESSOR: core i5-460M, RAM: 4GB DDR3(2GB*2), GRAPHIC CARD: ATI Radeon HD5870(1GB DDR5 dedicated graphics), CHIPSET: PM55, HARD DISK: 500GB SATA @5400rpm, SCREEN/RESOLUTION: 15.6" HD, Glare (1366*768) LED
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  1. Hello arpit_rathore7;
    Won't you spend most of your gaming time plugged into the power grid? If so the 6 vs 9 cell battery won't be a factor.
    Gaming on your battery? It won't last nearly as long as you'd hope, Im sure.
    It looks like there is a MSI 9 cell battery available based on this webpage.
    You might be able to special order the 9 cell if it's critical to your gaming experiance.
    Otherwise, maybe a 2nd 6 cell battery?
  2. If playing games away from an A/C outlet is important then get the 9 cell battery.
  3. 9 cell is a must if you want to use it for school/business also apart from gaming.
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