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Hello, my computer freezes with a screeching error noise then goes into a blue screen that says hardware malfunction, NMI: channel check / IOCHK hardware malfunction.

then after i restart my computer the BIOS screen works fine but after that i get a blank/black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left corner. nothing after this, screen remains blank with underscore in top left.

please help! all i can think is that a windows update messed up my computer or my GPU is broken, but i really dont know for sure
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  1. Try reseating the memory chips. If still persists, try booting up with only one at a time to try and determine if there a particular bad chip.
  2. thx i will try this as soon as i can get past the blank screen with underscore
  3. ugh, no. you would do this now as part of the trouble-shooting for that.

    Turn off the computer, unplug, open the case and remove the ram chips.
    Re-install the ram chips. test with power,
    if it does not work.... test one ram at a time.
  4. ok i tried that but still nothing
  5. eek, i just re-read your first post and missed this part:...."screeching"; That usually means a bad hard drive.
  6. Your computer may have a built-in hard drive tester in the bios and it is usually called a "DST diagnostic" or something like that. It stands for either Drive Short Test or Drive Self Test. See if there is one inside your pressing either the Esc key, F2 key, or F10, or even sometimes the F12 key. Sometimes, one of those will also let you go in directly to a Diagnostics menu instead of the bios, which is fine.
  7. sry im taking so long to respond but sometimes my monitor wont even have a signal and i have to hit a reset button. its really annoying.. oh and about the screeching i think it has to do with sounds already playing on my computer that get frozen. btw, i looked through my motherboard manual and there was no DST diagnostic
  8. If you have not loaded Windows yet, then I doubt that it is playing any sound files yet, as it has not loaded yet. :) The first sound that you should hear is the Windows boot sound after you've typed-in your password.
  9. reseat your video card.
    If you have an onboard video card also, try using only that, with the PCI(E) card not in the slot.
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