Windows 7 Acting strange - Won't load discs in my computer

Ok so this is weird, i've never encountered anything like this before.. im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and what happens is that i can boot up my PC.. Go to Start -> Computer and it will without any problems show me my internal disk (a Western Digital Caviar) and my external disks which are at the moment shut off.. But if i exit "Computer" and click back in it just begins to search for the disks.. And it's searching forever.. NOTHING happens at all :( i have absolutely no idea what's wrong so i was hoping that some of you might be able to tell me what's wrong? i've scanned for spyware with Lavasoft Ad-Aware but it didn't find a thing..

Any ideas? rebooting dosen't work i've tried that.. Is my disk about to die or should i try and backup my files and re-install windows 7?

Edit: i can still enter the drive by writing c: in the searc box in the start menu but nothing happens if i press "Computer"
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