Slow click reaction speed from mouse?

On my computer, when running this test, I always get almost double the reaction time than on my brother's computer, [around 300ms here while on my bro's comp its around 190, and my best is 160]

I have a razer deathadder on both computers, with 1000 polling rate.
My brothers computer isn't as good as mine.

My specs are, 4k gb ram @ 1.6k
intel 760 @ 4.1ghz
2x amd 6850hd

Now the question is, what could be causing the difference in reaction times ? I'm 100% sure it isn't by luck, I've tried hundreds of times and it seems to be consistent.
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  1. are both connected via usb or is one using a ps/2 to usb adapter? if the usb bus is busy there could be delays. if you use an adapter then the polling rate means jack as it doesnt need to poll and is forced interrupt instead.

    depending on how the website records responses internet lag could be a factor unless you both use the same internet and you are sure this is not an issue.

    general computer slowdown due to age of the os install, age of the components, malware, etcetera could also bog down the test.

    i doubt it... but windows mice settings might be a factor.


    in general... it could be a multitude of things. besides just wanting to get the best time does this really affect you at all?
  2. Both are connected via usb, I have 3 usb connections plugged, 2 for my keyboard and one for the mouse.
    Both computers are connected to the same network.

    I'm into competitive gaming and stuff like that.. around 100ms of response time can make a difference in those kind of games ;s

    I have this computer for about a year.. guess I'll try to change the usb and retest ;s thnx for the answer anyway
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