Toshiba C660 or ASUS X52F

I'm looking for a laptop (I've got a gaming rig desktop so specs don't bother me) and I've now narrowed it down to this ASUS or this Toshiba.

I'm a stalwart desktop man so I don't know that much about laptop brands, and they're both fairly new so there aren't that many reviews. Build quality and ruggedness is more important to me than specs, so are Toshiba's generally well built? I'm a big fan of ASUS components but I don't know much about their laptops, and that seems a very good spec for the money, which makes me think they've skimped on build quality.
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  1. For general purpose laptops go with either Asus or Lenovo. X52F is great choice but i would recommend Lenovo Thinkpad L512 which will give you better standby.
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