computer restarts on its own

here is my setup:

amd xp1600+ , epox 8k7a mb, geforce4ti4200 (128MB), 60gb ibm, 60gb wd.

My computer won't run at 133 fsb. It will not be able to pass the boot up and go to the windows logo screen. I tried to update BIOS on mb still no luck, I tried to take out some new ram I also got and still nothing. It can only run at 100 fsb which is around 1.05 ghz on the supposed 1.4ghz 1600+. I notice my system runs really slow at times and just today it keeps on shutting down itself. ( ie. websurfing then all of a sudden blank screen ) sometimes it would restart itself and other times it would just die completely. Now, when it restarts and when i log onto windows xp it sometimes shows that windows have encountered an error on WINDOWS. Anybody know what could be wrong with my computer? I've been wondering whether or not it is the cpu or the psu. The 5v is a bit low sometimes, at bootup it shows 4.88 and sometiems 4.85, and i believe it is suppose to be above 4.9 or so. However I used this psu on an intel setup before the epox came in for the amd cpu and it worked fine. It also worked fine on another amd setup with a different epox8k7a board that i had. Could it be the amd cpu? Anybody who have any knowledge on this topic please help. I've posted this a coupole of times on the cpu and mb forums but not a lot of support. ANd just today it started rebooting on its own so it's getting worse. Thanks in advance.
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  1. did you clear CMOS?

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  2. well it died today. i'll need to grab a new cpu and see if that's the problem. I'm using another comp now =[ thanks for ur suggestion.
  3. Make sure that "Automatically Restart" isn't checked as well, so you can see the blue screen and stuff.

    System Properties > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery Settings

    Good luck, man...


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  4. What Power supply and Cooling hardware are you using?

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