1.2, 1.13 & 1gb 266mhz FSB

Hello, this is my first post, i am still learning a great deal of computer things, so please bare with me...
I just saw the new AMD T-Bird chips with the 266mhz FSB, I believe these are used to take advantage of the DDR capabilities. But i am still confused, and maybe this should be posted in the Motherboard forum, so please dont flame me...I was looking at the new KT133A chipsets to allow higher FSB settings, but now that the New 1.2, 1.13 and 1 gb chips are out with the 266mhz FSB, or maybe im not undering standing the 266mhz part of the new chips available. Are these new CPU's used for DDR based Motherboards? Or if you used the KT133A chipset, would you be waisting your money on getting the new CPU's with the 266mhz capability?..Also, i was reading, is the AMD 761 chipset the newest and better than the 760 chipset..I would think so, being its 761 insteadof 760..But im still learning...Anyway, im trying to build a fast as Hell Gaming system, and i just wanna make sure i do it right, and if i get the response im looking for, i will probably go with the new AMD 1.2gb 266mhz T-Bird with either the ASUS A7M266 DDR motherboard, or The Gigabyte DDR, or the MSI K7 Master S..Please all info is help no matter how little...Thanks
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  1. out if the MB' you listed go with the Asus and yes go with the AMD chipset... but if you have a browse on the Mb section of this site you will see all of the MB's head to head. last and of course not least good luck with your PC but post all of your parts here for a final check over ........


    UK Prices are <font color=red>toooooooooo</font color=red> high , keep competition going to bring em down :smile:
  2. kt133a allows for the fsb to work at true 133fsb, 266ddr.
    i have 5 of those motherboards and they work great. it allows me to overclock the fsb past 140mhz. i believe that this chipset motherboards will be more popular than the ddr motherboards.

    My slowest PC out of 61 computers is @1050Mhz
  3. Are you running AMD 200s successfully at 266 on the k133a MoBos? Are they OEM or retail CPUs? I want to put a 900MHz 200 on a k133a at 266 with a lower multiplier, but I don't want to buy & then find out the cpu won't handle 266. Thanks!
  4. Actually, im not running anything yet, I trying to see what my options are, and get the best setup as well as the faster setup for my money..I definatley know, or at least i am convienced that ASUS Mobo's are one of the leading/top of the line Mobo's...So that's no prob, now, what i need to decide is whether to go with a A7V133 w/ the KT133A Chipset, or go with the A7M266 DDR motherboard..From a reply to my original post, I believe he said the KT133A will allow a true 133mhz, to run at 266mhz FSB..but you loosing out on the performance of using DDR for ram on the mobo...right???...While, by going with the DDR Mobo, you not only take advantage of the DDR ram capability, but you also get the 266mhz FSB, and by choosing the new AMD chips with the 266mhz bus, I can take full advantage over everything..please let me know if im wrong, but the best setup seems to be, AMD 1.2gb T-Bird 266mhz Bus and the ASUS A7M266 DDR mobo, coupled with a stick of 256mb of PC2100 or 2 sticks of 128mb of PC2100...please let me know if i got this wrong...thanks
  5. Athlons use DDR busses (don't confuse with DDR memory). The 'A' and 'B' type Athlons both had 100MHz DDR bus = 200MHz bus. The newer 'C' type Athlons have 133MHz DDR = 266MHz bus.

    The original KT133 chipset supported only A/B type Athlons (100MHz DDR bus) but with 133MHz SDRAM (not DDR), hence the name. The KT133A supports A, B and C type Athlons with 133MHz DDR bus, again using 133MHz SDRAM (not DDR).

    The fastest and most common DDR <b>memory</b> runs at 133MHz DDR = 266MHz. The reason for the C type Athlon was to 'match' the speed of the memory with the bus speed of the chip, on the new AMD760 boards (and now various others, such as VIA KT266 and chipsets from ALi and SiS).

    Go for the 266MHz FSB regardless, because even if you don't want DDR now, it still has higher speed (and you will notice this even when using 133MHz SDRAM), and you can always upgrade to faster DDR by swapping your motherboard and DIMMs at a later time.

    ~ I'm not AMD biased, I just think their chips are better ~
  6. Wow, thanks for the info. So by utilizing the new KT133A chipset, I can take advantage of the 266mhz FSB, and still use PC133 ram, or i can just go all out and get the DDR Mobo, like the Gigabyte or the ASUS A7M266, and just get the DDR memory for it, but one way or another, I should go ahead and at a minimum get a mobo with the new KT133A instead of the KT133...and if i wanna splurge, get the DDR Mobo...so as it stands now, i will be looking at...
    ASUS A7M266 Mobo
    AMD T-BIrd 1.2gb 266mhz Bus
    256mb PC2100
    Maxtor 30gb 7200rpm
    Gainward CardExpert GeForce2 GTS 64mb
    Sound Blasters Live Value
    NEC 1.44 Floppy
    SMC 10/100
    Creative CD-RW
    Toshiba DVD
    Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theatre 5.1(AC3)
    Sony 32" Wega

    This will be my new setup then, so all im actually upgrading is ram, CPU and Mobo, cause i have the rest
  7. How soon do you want to build? The reason I say this is that the new VIA KT266 chip boards will start rolling out in March. The KT266 has V-Link which doubles the communication between the north and south bridges. This chip will no doubt make boards faster and help utilize DDR memory more. If you have to buy now I think the MSI K7 Master is the better of the boards but the A7M266 should get better with some BIOS updates. It isn't totally stable as of now, so I hear.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  8. Buying is no rush,so if the new KT266 is due outin March,i have no probs with waiting, i'll just order everything else, after all, im no millionaire, so i gotta order the pieces one by one, and since i already have aputer running just fine now, it wonthurt to wait a little, although, im still waiting to get this GeForce 2 GTS 64mb past 1x AGP, cause the setup I have now, with the ASUS K7M mobo, and the irongate chipset, i cant run my vid card past 1x AGP due to conflicts...so, im still waiting patiently, although,with no OC'ing, the card did Bench 5700 in 3DMARK200..so i am eager to see what it will do at 4x AGP with a little tweaking....
  9. Wow you have patience. With that Video card and stuck at 1x, that takes talent to wait. Good choice overall though I do believe. Now don't get me wrong here but the KT266 release in March is what I read at aceshardware.com. I understand that is a good place for info as is toms. But don't hold me responsible if it isn't out :-() I personally am waiting untill a MSI or Asus board is released with the KT266 chipset. I have a question, what is you CPU now? I only have a TNT2 card with a PII 350 and my 3dmark2000 score was only like 1400 or something. My TNT2 is PCI so im sure that doesn't help anything.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  10. Right now i have a Slot A 700mhz AMD Athlon, and running it on a K7M ASUS Mobo..and to hit 5700 i was shocked, i was using the Det 6.31, and it seemed to be ther smothest, althought the Det 6.34 was about 15 points higher, it was noticably choppy as compared with the Det 6.31...
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