Upgrade to Pentium III?

I supposed this would have come up, but I did quite an extensive search and found nothing, so here it goes.
I have a Celeron 533/256MB PC100/Geforce2 GTS 32MB. I'm having some performance issues, so I'm wondering:
1. Is it a good idea to upgrade to a Pentium III 800? I have an Atrend ATC6310A mobo that I can overclock to a 100MHz bus, but my current processor doesn't support it. If I upgrade the CPU and then overclock the mobo, will I see a noticeable increase in performance?
2. I had a regular performance with Win95 OSR2. Then I installed the patch for USB and AGP support, got my AGP recognized up to 2x, and didn't see a iota of improvement. Should I reinstall the video drivers? Am I doing something wrong?
3. Should I plain move to Win 98?
Please, give me you opinions, 'cause I'm stumped. I know my system is capable of better performance, but I think I've forgotten to tweak something... I dont know what.
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  1. couple of things I noticed here .. the gforce is capable of agp 4x so you are losing bandwidth there..If your ram is not capable of 2-2-2 or even 2-3-2 or 2-3-3 timings it is questionable that you would be able to oc it to say 133 for the p-3 and maintain stability, knocking it down to 3-3-3 will mean you again arent getting all the performance you could. You might try to oc the geforce but at agp 2x I dont know how significant the increase would be, also I believe the 4.58 or 57 det drivers support the fast write features but not sure your mobo does and dont know what you are currently using anyway. If you upgrade to win 98 be sure it is second edition .. I upgrade from 1st to second and did realize a small gain mostly noticed better stability mainly tho'
    I'm sure there are other ideas out there good luck
  2. It's really hard to say what you should do because we don't know how good your motherboard is, so we don't know what it'll support.

    Chances are, if it's running a Celeron chip at a 66MHz FSB, then it only has AGP 2x support though. If you want higher, you'll probably need a new motherboard.

    IF your motherboard can survive being clocked at 100MHz FSB, then you just might be able to get a 100MHz FSB P3 800MHz chip and it'd work fine. I wouldn't suggest overclocking to a 133MHz FSB though, as I doubt your memory or motherboard could support it.

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  3. ATC6310A is the ZX chipset, This mobo tops out at 500Mhz P3 or 566 celeron.


    If you had the via chipset version you could run up to 733Mhz P3

  4. In Light Of the fact that your mobo is the limiting factor, you may want to Get a new mobo instead of a new processor. This will likely speed things up a lot more (not to mention that your mobo prolly wont take a P3 fast enough for you to notice a difference)
    If you get a mobo that is stable enough, you can prolly overclock your celery to 83 mhz if not 100 mhz (670 or 807 mhz, respectivly) unless your case is a furnace.
    since i am assuming you are using a PPGA or FC-PGA Celery (I dont thing they make Slot 1 celery 533's, correct me if im wrong) The mobo I recommend is the good ol Asus Cusl2 or another i815 based board.( Abit makes some good ones too )
    This would also Give you AGP 4X, not to mention the i815 is a faster chipset then what you currently have. (You could also Oc the Vid card if Desired)

    Barring that solution, i would Recommend an Athlon/Duron and Motherboard combo, youd likely find something good for about 300 bucks (try pricewatch.com) This is the better, although more expensive, of the 2 options (hey if your willing to get a p3 800, it might be worth it to shell out a few more bucks for an athlon 800 and a kt133)

    Btw, i just checked pricewatch and there are some GOOD mobos with athlon 800s for less than 250. Looks like the way to go.

    Good luck

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  5. Thank you for all your answers...please bear with me. I think I'm actually getting it ^_^
    Sorry for posting incomplete info. The mobo is an ATC6310V-A. It has a 66 MHZ bus, but has jumpers to OC to 100 and 133. Also, it has dip switches to set the multipler to up to 8x.
    So, right now its running wit a 66 bus X 8 = 533, (so, it is maxed). But it says in the manual it supports a Pentium III to up to 800MHz, by OCing the bus to 100. So, the question is... if I do that, will I actually notice a difference?
    Please let me know... I really need a faster PC, but don't want to start buying random parts. I really appreciate the help.
  6. If your memory supports the 133 speed, you would be better off getting a 600E and overclocking to 800@133 or the 800EB which runs normal clock at 133 (if you don't like overclocking).

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  7. What are the dip switch settings for a QX9770 on a Skulltrail? Can I set it to run at a 500 Mhz FSB? Intel says I can't use DDR3 on this board, is that true? I really need a faster processor too...so will this make a difference? And what is a good single slot graphics solution that will run in quad SLI configuration? My previous video card was PCI so this is a little faster, right?
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    I have a k62 450 mhz. Will I get a good performance gain from upgrading to a 475 mhz k62? I cant afford the 500 mhz.

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