New laptop.. question on graphics

I got a acer 5742g.

1gb geforce gt 420m
4gig ram

i did hwinfo/speccy, it only detects the intel HD graphics card? I thought it has a 1gb dedicated? I just installed the drivers for it, how the hell do I activate it so it can run my games? oblivion doesn't detect any hardware. wtf :(
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  1. Hello Alpha Moth;
    Your Acer 5742g probably has Optiums technology?
    What that does is shut down your GT 420M and uses just the Intel HD Graphics unless the system gets a heavier load on the GPU - like 3D gaming.
    How about starting up a game and then running HDInfo or Speccy?
  2. before i open up a game under the hwinfo video cards it only displays intel

    during a game the nvidia one comes up.

    i just can't seem to get oblivion running in goo detail. dragon age is running.
  3. Since it's a graphic problem and you made a thread about it in the Graphic sections,follow the discussion there
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