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i have an acer aspire 5749, it has built in Intel HD 3000 graphics. i was made aware that only 128mb of that is used for video graphics, and that this could be changed in the bios settings. however i am unable to find anywhere how to change my bios settings, as in the bios setup utility it has video memory fixed. was wondering if someone could edit a bios i could flash? or point me in the right direction. thanks for your help in advance
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  1. Most laptop manufacturer's remove some options from the BIOS Setup utility, including the ability to adjust the amount of system RAM assigned to the graphics adapter. I assume they don't want the owner to go tweaking too much, break something, and then make a warranty claim denying all knowledge of what could have caused it.

    That seems reasonable to me. If you want a BIOS that's less restrictive, buy or build a "no-name" computer that's not factory-built, so it has a retail motherboard instead of one that's been custom-made for a computer company

    The only BIOS updates you can install are those supplied by Acer on their website. Try flashing the BIOS with a non-Acer approved update and you could easily end up with a dead laptop.
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