HELP with Monitor Decisions

As the Title explains i am having trouble deciding on what monitors to buy ( i am looking for 2)
My budget is that they both cant have a combined Cost of over 450$

I am kinda Looking at :


I have no Preference to IPS (what ever the *** that is)

So suggestions and ideas are greatly apreciated

PS. I am going to be dual Screening, with 1920x1080 (screen size between 22 and 24 inches)
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  1. I would get the VE228H. I think they are pretty much the same panel but the VE has build in speakers. What are you going to be using the monitors for?
  2. I didn't realize how cheap this monitor could be found on amazon

    This for sure has my vote. pretty much a U2412M... but in a 16:9 aspect ratio

    Although I have no idea if that ships to Canada...
  3. Gaming is the big thing, as well as Virtual Machines, have one screen be running a VM of Windows XP Pro the other will have Win 7
  4. Buy two Dell U2312HM. You won't be disappointed. It doesn't look like Canada Computers sells Dell monitors so you'll have to look elsewhere.
  5. Those Dell Monitors are 300$ each I am no way going to pay that much for a Dell.
  6. Fair enough. I didn't know if you had the same deals but they are available for $223.42 here...
  7. whats the differences for Contrast ratio, some of the Asus panels have a 50mil to 1 ratio whereas others are like 10k to 1
  8. Those are dynamic contrast ratios enabled by turning off the backlight in dark scenes. The feature is useless in real scenarios. If you want to know the true contrast ratio then you will have to find a review where somebody calculates that. In reality, monitors (the good ones) are going to have 700-1000 contrast ratio ( x:1)
  9. I know Asus, Benq, Samsungs, and a few others were great brands in the day, other then the 2 Dells, what would you recommend me buying?
  10. I highly recommend the VE228H unless you can find a better deal on a Samsung or BenQ. I own the VE228H and it's a quality panel. Not as nice as the Dell's but still pretty nice.
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