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hey all,

I'm currently looking into a peripheral setup for gaming purposes, I've heard a lot about Logitech, Razer and Saitek/Madcatz/Cyborg (seriously, what's their official brand name? o.0) so I'm trying to focus my attention there

I'm currently using a Razer combo (Razer Naga Hex and Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth) and your everyday Sennheiser headphones, but they don't feel "right" (and the headphones are falling apart from age) so I'm doing some research into something new

toms hardware has already helped me select the components for my system (which is sitting on the desk next to me, all glorious and stuff) so now I'm relying on you all to help me select the perfect keyboard and mouse as well

I prefer corded over wireless, despite the fact that they may be just as reliable

I'd also like SOME programmable buttons, but more then 5 would be overkill for me

I'm somewhere between palm and claw grip, but leaning to claw grip

as for DPI, I'm currently using my mouse at 3000 DPI and it feels fine (though a little fast when sniping)

now for the brands, I don't like the looks of the logitech stuff much, but how do they perform?

Razer feels a little off for me, they look good, they perform as expected, but that's it, they're not what i'm looking for, should I try a different setup of theirs and see how that works?

Saitek/Madcatz/Cyborg looks good to me, I like the way they offer customization of their mice, I haven't read much about their keyboards though, any thoughts on their brand?

as for headsets, I'd like surround sound, but how does that perform? is it worth it? and if it is, what kind? 5.1 or 7.1?

if there's a brand I missed, throw it at me and I'll have a look

thanks everyone

friendly greetings,

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  1. logitech's gaming mice have a cult following which can tell you exactly how people feel about them. i've used a variety of logitech products and they do represent a good value for the money. i have a wireless mouse from 2003 which still works. i believe the keyboard still works as well.

    razer products have a high end price tag and an average build quality. while they work out they do have some flaws. for one, the rubber coating they put on their products is a nuisance. i use a razer deathadder currently and although the mouse is just about perfect the one thing which bothers me is the aformentioned coating which attracts dust like taffy. you can only clean the mouse with water or inert liquid as well or the rubber will become tacky. cleaners are a no no.

    saitek/madcatz/cyborg is a lower end brand but some people do like their products. personally it all looks gaudy to me but i've never owned one so i cannot comment much.

    there have been countless discussions on here about headsets. either you want an all-in-one unit and mediocre surround sound or you invest in a high grade stereo headset for superior sound and use a clip on or desktop mic. personally i like the latter but it all comes down to personal preference.

    you forgot about the mechanical keyboards such as those made by deck, das, wasd.


    as for what i personally prefer?

    my old logitech mx1000 wireless laser mouse or my current razer deathadder wired led mouse. so called pro gamers will naysay on the wireless and laser products but honestly its all personal preference. find a mouse that fits your hand. i prefer around 900-1300dpi which is more than enough. if you set the number too high then any hand jitters (which we all have) get translated into mouse movement. again, personal preference but it is what i've found to be best after 10+ years of gaming.

    as for keyboards models such as the keyboard which came in the mx1000 set worked well (again wireless, which most pro gamers detest for no good reason) and my old ibm model m mechanical keyboard worked great. i am actually in the market for a replacement and am looking at the brands listed above. razer makes a mechanical keyboard but i dont think it has the quality i'm looking for.

    i'm a palm gripper and arrow key user in case that helps. just my personal opinions though.
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