HELP!!! BSOD on startup

hey guys

i am having a case of bsod everytime i startup now. i just re applied thermal paste and did some cable management and only after this im having a bsod every time i startup. my specs are:
i5 3570k
Asus P8Z77 V Pro
16gb Patriot IEM 1600mhz ram
Intel 520 series ssd 240gb
seagate barracuda 2tb
asus dvdrw (not being detected by bios anymore)
msi hawk 7870 x2 crossfire
coolermaster haf 912 advance
coolermaster silent gold pro 800w
corsair h70 core edition with cm fans

this system was assembled two weeks ago and was working until i redid cable management and re applied thermal paste. the system posts and i can get into the bios but i cant change the bootdrive to dvd drive to reinstall windows. help please

thank you in advance
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  1. Double check your power connections, and make sure the heatsink is properly seated and tight.
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  3. Checked all the connections and it turns out it was the SATA cable connecting to the DVD drive which was not plugged in properly. The system now starts up and no BSOD!!! Thanks for the quick replies!!
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