Best current model to replace Dell Inspiron 700m?

I bought a Dell Inspiron 700m in 2004 and it was the best notebook I've ever used.

It was the perfect balance of size/weight and performance, battery life, screen resolution, with an excellent keyboard.

Which currently available model (any brand) would be the up-to-date equivalent with the same form factor, ideally with battery life exceeding 8hrs?
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  1. Get this one it will last about 5.6 to 6 hours with current 6 cell battery, if you upgrade to higher capacity battery you will easily get around 8hours.
  2. Thanks, looks great!
    Do you know how I can order it with the 8-cell battery?
    Also, is there a way to get it with an SSD?
  3. buy it as default with 6 cell, order another 8 cell battery as a spare and i am not sure about SSD upgrade but you can ask newegg or acer about this
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