How do I make a USB cable 'reach' farther

I bought a 15 foot USB extension cable (not active) to connect to my headset (it has its own 5 foot cable) and it doesn't work. When I bought it I knew that I would need a repeater if I made the cable to far, but I forgot to count the length of the headset's cable into the mix, and my headset will not work when using the extension cable. Is there something I can connect something in between the connection of the headset and the extension cable to make the signal last the extra 5 feet? I would prefer to not have to buy another active USB cable as I really have no use for a 15 foot extension cable other than this. I tried looking for "USB repeaters" on Google, but I only came across active extension cables.

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    The headphones probably cannot get enough power through that long cable.

    Purchase a small powered USB hub, plug the hub into the extension cable, then plug the headphones into one of the hub's ports.
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