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Hi all,
My friend has the laptop as stated in the topic, which is running windows 7. Which would tell you it is not that old at all.
It has been in storage for about 3 months while he sorted himself out.
The place he used for storage does not have heating so it is a good chance that it could of dropped below 0 centigrade.
Story over with...

Now he has come to use the laptop and the battery is dead. Will not charge and was 0% when powered up using adaptor.
Do you know if this is a common case when the laptop has not been used for a great deal of time? and possibly been in low temperatures?
The laptop functions correctly otherwise. Is there going to be any way to resurrect it?

Thanks for your expertise,

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  1. I thought this would be the place to ask.. ahh well :)
  2. New battery
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