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My G73JH has been running very slow, and has crashed on more than one occasion, so I want to reinstall the operating system, and only install the drivers and utilities I need. Because I don't want or need things like "FancyBoot". But it turns out that ASUS will not send me the OS disc, or even the drivers. They told me to download from the site, which is ok for me, but you shouldn't have to do that. They should be included with your computer. I'm downloading from the site, its slightly annoying because you have to go through and download each one individually, and then they have the gall to ask you if you want to P2P because a lot of users are downloading from their site. Which does not seem to be a dynamic message, and is ridiculous if they force you to download the drivers.

I'm just asking for some suggestions for how to go about reinstalling, and wanted it out there about ASUS not sending discs period. Maybe if you know if any of the ASUS utilities are necessary for running my computer or not. I don't know how this i7 dynamic clocking works. But I will look that up to see if I can turn it off.

I don't know why they want to force me to download the Windows OS from somewhere else either..
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  1. Hello cart;
    Before going through the pain of a complete re-installation you might want to make a last check to see if you might have unusually aggressive malware/virus/trojan/rootkit problem that could cause the same symptoms.

    Try the AVG Rescue CD. You can download an ISO image, burn it a CD and then boot from the CD and run an AV scan without having a possibly infected OS running to protect itself.
    AVG Rescue CD:

    I know P2P (peer-to-peer) has a negative connotation but its just another method of downloading a file... from Asus to you... which you are doing anyway.
  2. Is there a problem with your G73JH's Rescue Partition?
    It has a complete OS ISO image along with the correct drivers already installed on your HDD.
  3. It worked, but I don't appreciate crap installed on my system. I haven't bought a manufactured computer for awhile, but I used to just do a fresh install right when I got it. I was having problems with performance. This laptop isn't meant to do anything except sit on a desk and be plugged in, so things like the power manager are needless and just waste resources. I don't like not having control over my system.

    First off I don't have any virus's. First off I only install stuff from discs and from places like steam. I already re-installed. Re-installing isn't a pain if you have nothing to backup. I also use avast, and that is more than good enough.

    I know how P2P works. I am saying that if they are not going to give me what I feel I have bought. They should at least provide me a way to get it. P2P is there to save them money. I didn't select P2P as a download, I selected global. And I kept getting downloads of 2.0 MB/s after that pop-up came up. So they obviously weren't having any problems. That is a non-issue, just a comment.
  4. After the re-install is your G73JH still 'running very slow' and crashing?
  5. Does ASUS include an OS image on the hard drive?

    I reloaded my daughter's OS on her Dell laptop from a hidden image on the disk. I tried it on my Dell laptop but mine is older, before they started doing that. I borrowed an XP install disk, installed the OS from scratch, then put in the OS serial number that belonged to that computer. I had to download a few drivers from Dell's website and install them via USB drive, then everything else updated itself.
  6. My G72 came with an OS disk & a utility/driver disk. I did a fresh install when I got it home and only reinstalled their "Turbo Gear Extreme" overclocking software. She's been running like a champ since.

    Which video card does your G73 have (the Radeon or GeForce)? I've heard of people having trouble with the G73s that are equiped with the Radeon cards.
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