Need help with buying a gaming laptop

hi , I'm trying to buy a gaming laptop , i was thinking of Asus G73 , i have 1600$ , please help me buy the best one for my money !!!
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  1. Are you OK with a 1366x768 LCD screen?
    Or do you want a larger 1600x900 or 1920x1080 LCD?
    What are your gaming objectives?
  2. that's a nice list of notebooks
    but i want u to specify a one for me !
    i like high resolutions ...
    and i'm also not sure whether to choose Nvidia 460 , or Ati 5870 for my laptop...
    what do u suggest ?
  3. I'd suggest an Asus G73JW ($1386) or Clevo W870CU ($1299) laptop, the latter being far more customizable.
  4. Get ASUS G73JW-XN1 , it will last atleast 2 years for hardcore gaming.
  5. thanks for ur nice comments folks !
    nice suggestions
    but , i'd like the g73 with 5870 , don't u think it's better and got higher performance than 460 ?
    please , could u help me with that ?
  6. Get the G73 with the 460M. The G73 had issues with the Radeon cards when they were first released earlier in the year. The GeForce is the better card & will havew fewer problems. I have the G72 and I love it. The G73 with the 460M is even better.
  7. hi guys !
    thanks for comments
    but actually i'm not satisfied about 5870 and 460 ...
    as i saw in some results , even 5850 has better performance than 460 ...
    i dunno what to do :(
  8. 460 is a better performer than 5870 when physics on and 4X anti-aliasing is used
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    The GeForce GTX 460M is the better choice. The benchmarks you are looking at are synthetic and don't completely resemble real world gaming performance. One good example is the memory bus of each card. The 460 has 192 bit while the 5870 has 128 bit. Also (as I stated earlier) if you read the G73 reviews, people were having problems with the Radeon equiped G73s, but few (if any) have reported problems with the GeForce. Both cards are capable performers though and the decision is ultimately yours to make. If it were me though, I'de feel better with the GeForce GTX 460M.
  10. This moment ASUS G73JW-XN1 is the best choice
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  12. thanks all :)
    and just another question that
    what would be windows 7's rating for G73 XN1 ?
    please say if anyone have or know ...
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