What do you think about this COMPANY/PC SPECS?

I heard about this company from a friend. I don't want to buy my new PC without getting some honest feedback from some other experienced users.
I don't want to buy a typical name-brand PC. This company looks like they're selling a pretty hot system. What do you think?

Here's the URL: <A HREF="http://www.elementpc.com" target="_new">http://www.elementpc.com</A>

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  1. Only drawbacks I see is that there is no customiser. There is also only one system to choose from for the Athlon and the Pentium. I also dislike WIN ME and will be building a Athlon system with DDR. There system still uses SD RAM which if thats what you want then maybe this is for you. The price tag is a bit high if you ask me too.

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  2. They did their homework, seems like decent parts, nothing I would pick at.

    The price seems a little high. I cannot find those speakers listed in the pic. they look like the $250 klipsch ProMedia THX

    Everything else can be found on pricewatch.com add it up.
    speakers found at compusa.com
  3. Why did you post the same thing in every section?
  4. Im guessing to get quick answers.... I guess if Fredi see's and disproves of it, he will take care of it :o)

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  5. I agree with FUGGER (that's not something you hear very often at this site), they use very good hardware, but it does seem expensive. If you don't want to bother building one yourself then those computers seem to be of very high quality. A lot better that some HP or Compaq POS.
  6. Nice systems, but the key question (to me) is:
    Is the company reliable (and trust-worthy)? I tried to look them up in resellerratings.com but they were not listed.
  7. Someone has to be different, so it might as well be me.

    I like the motherboard, CPU and memory choices of the Titanium (Tbird-based) system, although many good motherboards have 100 EIDE RAID built in.

    Linksys is a good brand, among the cheaper lines. Windoze ME is a major mistake. This indicates hidden cost cutting to me.

    My guess is it's about $600 profit for the seller, after factoring in all costs. This seems a bit high. However perhaps that's what you have to pay to get a machine built with quality components, rather than one stuffed with the stuff they can't sell elsewhere.


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  8. Thing is the people building ths systems are using normal parts we can all buy and they need to make some money on it. Do they provide a warranty I wonder?

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