Abit BH6 upgrade question

Hello all,

I'm one of the many Celeron 300A/Abit BH6 users out there and I guess I've taken a little longer to upgrade than most people.

Now, I plan on buying a dual proc AMD board in the 1 or 2 year timeframe once I save up a little more money and that technology improves a little more..

But my computer has been crashing more and more lately and I think I've almost burned my little celeron out.. I was looking into relatively cheap upgrades and I wanted to ask the following question:

Whats the best chip? I think I have the v1.0 BH6..

Whats better: Celeron 2 566 (that i hear is overclockable)
or P3 600MHZ? (can v1.0 BH6 handle the 700Mhz P3?)

I'm going to double check to see if I have the v1.1 BH6.. because if I do I'm assuming the 850Mhz P3 is the best bet..

Can anyone give me some help here?

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  1. P3 700mhz + ABIT BH6-II

    :cool: First person to get a topic banned. :cool: ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!! :cool: VIA SUCKS !!! :cool:
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