120Hz Gaming Monitor

Hi there,
I'm looking for a 120Hz gaming monitor which I'm planning to buy somewhere in the next 2 months,
things that need to be taken into consideration:
- I'm from Europe (Belgium)
- Max price 300 euro (Including delivery!)
- Adjustable height (would be nice)
- Tilt (would be nice)

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Do you have a store in Belgium that sells these types of monitors at all? Even Newegg.com, which has very reasonable prices and frequently offers free shipping, won't even ship internationally. I'm sure other people could think of a website that would ship to you, but that would likely take a significant chunk out of your budget, which already limits your options. Newegg only has two 120Hz monitors that are within your price range at all.

    One from Acer ($290 U.S.):

    One from Asus ($360 U.S.):

    And one from BenQ, who I have previously never heard of personally ($390 U.S.):

    If there's a supplier of one of those somewhere near to you those would all be within your price range assuming the prices haven't been inflated too badly (which probably they are). I am personally holding off on a 3D monitor until the prices drop a little bit and the market has more to offer, but that's just me.

    I can also suggest going to Asus' website:

    They can probably give you at least some information on where you can find a dealer nearby.

    So can Acer's website probably:

    And then maybe BenQ too I guess?:

    I'm certainly no expert on the matter and I can almost guarantee there are other monitors out there you could potentially afford, but I am unaware of them or how good they are, sorry I couldn't be more helpful :(.
  2. ASUS VE248H is the best 120Hz gaming monitor on the market. Under $200 I feel it was a great deal.
  3. Currently looking at the Samsung S23A700D, I can order it for 200 euro including shipping and 2 year warranty
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