Video Converter W/ Quad Core Support?

Basically, I do a lot of video converting since I'm always sending movies/tv shows to devices like PS3, Playbook, Xbox and some other stuff. Most of the converters I've found support only single core CPU's and take an hour or so to convert, I was wondering if there are any conversion tools that support more than one core and would be much faster than standard converters?
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  1. What converters are you using now?

    Also, what are the specs for your system?
  2. Currently using Freemake Video Converter, my specs are:

    Intel i5 2320 @ 3.00GHz
    2x 4GB of RAM (8GB Total)
    Radeon HD 6670 (2GB GDDR3)
  3. Take a look at handbrake:
  4. I'll try out Wondershare if there is a trial, but Handbrake is pretty quick a 4GB m2ts file converted to mp4 took only 20 minutes.
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