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I'm still tossed between the two(Dell 8600 and alienware) and not sure which way to go. I like the look of the alienware's, and the magnesium case sounds stronger than what I'm used to with Dell's plastic cases. As an owner of a Dell I know that the hinge and some of the caseing on a dell is not the best in the world. The Sager(alienware) uses a sis chipset. Does this support HT seeing how it uses a desktop HT capble processor? Again 90% of its use from me wil be for gaming or doing work pluged in somewhere around campus. If I'm going to get better performance out of the sager, then I'll go that way. The setup I'm looking to get is the top end configs, which end up about the same price on both. And who can refuse a 16" screen? As nice as the dell screens are, I don't want to blind myself looking at an ungodly high res that the dell's have.

I'm a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Student, not English, nor will I ever claim to be.
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  1. It's expensive. But if you can afford it, it is one of the best gaming laptops. Go for it! :smile:
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