FAA to be dilluted.

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  1. Nice link, dogman. You should read the entire article:

    The release goes on to say, "The safety of the flying public will not be compromised."

    Air traffic controllers will remain on the job, but the furloughs will affect many FAA engineers, scientists, computer specialists, community planners and others. According to the Department of Transportation, FAA workers could be furloughed in 35 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

    And place the blame on the Democratic Senate:

    "It is unbelievable that after the House passed the 21st FAA extension, the Senate departed Washington and left the FAA and many of its employees behind," he said. "In light of the nation's pending financial disaster and soaring deficits, they couldn't find a way to cut even a few million dollars by accepting this minor request to reduce outlandish subsidies."
  2. Next, itll be the fired air traffic controllers stacked next to the starved grandmas
  3. The point is that many regulation the FAA impose is for the restriction of unsafe flight. Take that away, and you have pilots going crazy...yes there are irresponsible pilots...that will hurt themselves and other on the ground.
  4. Maybe there are, but I bet you will find very few in that subset called "airline pilots".
  5. ^ You do realize many airline pilots are irresponsible. One regulation that they use the check list, many do not...a big no-no in aviation. I know a family member who is a retired captain and he see that the FAA is important. He also says without the FAA, airlines would be in bigger messes.
  6. This isnt a total demolition of the FAA, just a temp loss of funding, and you can bet, where theres money, theres politics involved
  7. Notice the thread says 'dilute'...
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