Start button removed to sell more smart phone ?

Personally I hate the Iphone since I've used a Samsung galaxy. Despite how vocal I was to my friend telling them to choose the galaxy over the crappy Iphone, one reason has been raised by a few of my friends.

I have an Ipode Touch so the Iphone OS is already familiar to me.

Windows is the mainstream OS for PC user and I strongly believe they removed the start button so the computer OS will work exactly as what you'll find on microsoft smart phone.

That is the only reason I can see to remove the code in a way we can,t use a third party add-on to put it back. So even if I hate that change I spend some of my $ on microsft action. I don't need the money for now and I strongly belive that microsft phone will beat the competition.

Iphone billions come from the Iphone, Ipode touch and Ipad, not from mac computer selling. I don't expect to get rich with the few thousand that I've spent on the action. But I'm pretty sure that I'll gain more then putting it into a bank for 1% gain.
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  1. thats ODD... Not sure exactly what I would do
  2. honestly, i think it would be good investment to put into to microsoft with their new smartphones, i have used the current ones and they are simple, straight forward and run fluidly. now with windows 8 and being a main stream OS already, we may see many consumers buying Win8 phones to go with their Win8 Computer... sounds like a deal that may come up some time to sell PC's and laptops for school time :P. I think windows phone's will take off quite fast and quickly barrel past blackberry, but will not catch up to android and iOS.
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