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Perhaps someone can help..
Few days ago I installed Win 7 ultimate 64bit. I had xp pro on this computer that is fairly new. Drivers were installed and did run updates. This happened second time now: The home screen freezez and is unresponsive to any of my feedback. Mouse light doesnt even light up. I have latest drivers, and updated my BIOS. There are so many factors that end up crashing my PC, so the question is this: How do I capture what is going wrong with my pc.. Does win 7 have any utiility that points to the trigger event that causes this setback?

I believe I took proper steps installing win 7 and loaded various drivers etc...
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  1. Try booting into the Safe mode (F8).
    Does the computer still freeze up?
  2. I found out that the freezes were caused by the mouse itself. When replaced, it worked without a hitch.
    My new problem which I knew will bite me in the ass is stability of my memory which is ddr2 1066, which my motherboard sees it as ddr 800, and when I manually apply 1066 settings in bios the PC becomes a unstable beast!
  3. Please list the specs of the machine.
    Also gt a copy of memtest and run it to ensure that the memory is working correctly.
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